bad marvel photoshop

How many of you believe that Indians are creative? However, there are times when too much creativity can give you a BOO BOO!

Don’t believe? Here are some epitomes of failed creativity but this will make your day.

First, let’s hear it for the Bollywood lovers!

1. When your love for Kareena is BIG! Literally bigger than you and the normal world.

Funny photoshop


2. AishwaryaRai signed for Robot X in some alternate universe.

bollywood photodhop


3. When two worlds merge, the proportion is never correct.

crazy Photoshop fails


4. Even in the Photoshop he couldn’t grab Deepika’s attention. Now this is SAD!

bad photosho


5. This is perfect. Wonder why his head is so big? That is where he keeps all his creativity.

bad photoshop


Now, moving on to some superhero and superpower love!

6. This is what happens when you are actually bit by a spider. You turn CRAZY!

bad marvel photoshop


7. Superman is all set to leave Earth and land in the new found planet ‘YsoStupid’

photography fails


8. I too wanna be your Garlfrand *please*

funny pictures


9. And you thought Avatar was good? This Avtaar is the new best thing.

funny photoshop

10. Really bro?


Car Loan is old; the new cool is Car Photoshop. You think you can do it?

11. Aaja meri gaadi mein baithja­– Inspired by Baba Sehgal

funny photoshop

12. When your shadow leaves your side, this is what to do.

bad photoshop fails


13. Can you see the range rover crying?

funny photoshop


14. Such a bisy man!


15. So, who looks better? No, the car is not competing.

terrible photoshop


These are some of the other mind-blowing S#IT!

16. New lyrics for Titanium – You BURN me down but I won’t fall, I am Titanium!

Photoshop fails


17.Missile ka missal

funny photoshop fail


18.Why settle for a dog when you can have a sher?


19. And you thought Gal Gadot is the perfect wonder women?

20. 2018 update: A new Wonder of the World is here!

You have more in your kitty? Share below!

Ayorima Mitra