I came across this picture of an Indian bride in all her regal wedding attire sporting jade green sun glasses and twirling her long braided hair, on Instagram. The picture looked perfect by itself. It captured the attitude of the bride brilliantly.

This picture might have been a shocker in the 80’s or even the early 90’s. But today, it’s a style statement that is unique to the bride sporting that look.


Gone are the days of a coy Indian bride hiding behind a heavily worked pallu, peeking delicately from under it. The contemporary Indian bride is decisive, clear and will not hesitate to flaunt her unique style She can be coy too, if the moment so demands it.


The Indian bride’s wedding photography is as rich and colorful as her wedding trousseau.

The Indian Wedding Photography scene itself has tremendously changed over the last decade. It is no longer simple traditional photography. Today there is a galore of candid shots taken before the wedding and after too. There is also a specific couple shoot. Some Indian Brides also choose to do specific bridal photography which captures mainly pictures of the bride with her friends; akin to somewhat of a bachelorette photo shoot. Definitely, just the sections that are for public consumption!

Today’s bride wants to capture the essence of everything to do with her wedding and most importantly herself.

The sarees, dresses, jewelry, make-up, shoes, mehndi, blouses and the hairdo have always been part of the Indian bride’s photoshoot. But, it is only now that the looks she carries along with them are experimented with.

The bride decides the attitude and the photographer captures it for eternity. It’s an equation that is getting creative by the day. Occasionally, you do have a few bolder brides too who don’t mind sporting a Harley Davidson in a traditional Kanjeevaram saree.

These photographic accomplishments are commendable. No question about them. What makes them more realistic, magical or surreal are the things that go along with it. Here’s are 3 ways to add to the beauty of the Indian bride’s wedding photography journey.


Set the Appropriate Ambience

Each photograph needs an ambience to it. There are the very basic things like a neat backdrop and clean surroundings. But, a particular photo comes alive within a right ambience. For instance, in the example of the Harley Davidson Indian bride, the ambience can be the typical shaadi ka mantap to bring out the contrast. Without the ambience, the photo is just a photo, not a story.

wedding bride photography

Color Coordinate with Your Girlfriends

The western counter parts to Indian Brides have official maids of honour and bridesmaid. Generally they wear the same set of dresses including a bouquet of flowers, matching jewelry and footwear. The Indian bride doesn’t have to ape this concept completely. She can borrow a few elements from it to make her own perfect picture with her girlfriends.

Indian wedding dressing is lavish and will hold true even for the bride’s friends. One really classy way to color coordinate is to get the bride’s best buddies to wear the same colour of clothes. If that’s not possible, fret not! There are so many other variations possible. They can all wear the same kind of jewelry or the same kinds of hair do’s or sport the same kind of look. There was a picture of a bride with all her gal pals dressed in a white shirt and jeans sporting sun glasses and mehndi on the internet a couple of days ago.

wedding photography of bride

Showcase the Solah Shringar

An Indian bride is nothing less compared to a queen on the day of her wedding. The Solah Shringar that adorns her on the day of the wedding is a tale by itself. A lot of the preparation for the bride is in getting these 16 items ready.

These 16 items need a special mention in this post. You will see why, in a bit. The 16 items are – hair, skin, wedding dress, kajal, maang tika, bindi, nose ring, necklace, ear rings, armlets, bangles both gold and glass, finger rings, waist band or kamar patta, anklets, toe ring and finally the mehndi. What, you thought its only gold ornaments!? No, my dear the Solah Shringar is what makes the Indian Bride.

bridal portrait

Naturally, it goes without saying, that all these elements need to be captured photographically. How it is be done is going to be a very lengthy narrative. Let’s just suffice it to say that these 16 elements need to be captured in a way that only one element at a time dominates the pictures.  It is important to ensure that the particular element being captured is the only point of focus and the rest of the details are supporting features. Get it done.  You will be impressed with the results.

While all tips can enhance the look of a photograph, it’s the photographer who can make or mar the picture. It is really super important for the Indian bride to be super comfortable with the photographer. After all, she is letting the camera peek into something very intense, intimate and emotionally close to her heart.

wedding photography

It is best if the bride and the photographer have clear communication regarding the expectations. It is even more wonderful if the photographer is aware of any specific shots that you as a bride have in mind. The Harley Davidson bride’s photographer had a static and a moving camera to capture the perfect mood of that moment. Something like this cannot be done without prior preparation.

How best to prep then? A series of interactions before the d-day approaches will help. It will also help to select the photographer who has experience in shooting brilliant close up shots to catch all the details. Checking out the past work of the photographer helps get a taste of the flair. Prepare and put your best foot forward.