Drone Photography And Its Growth In Recent Times

A major photography development over the past few years has been in the genre of ‘Drone Photography’. Resembling a remote-controlled toy, using drones are fun as well as revolutionary. Lately, the drone camera prices have reduced in sync with the demand and today getting a camera in the air is an absolutely easy job along Continue Reading

15 Unbelievably Best Video Editing Software

Video editing is not something important only to the photographers or people of the film industry. Video editing software is something which can be needed by almost everyone at any point of time. Imagine…amidst the mesmerising wedding venue that you have selected after rejecting a hundred others, under the beautiful ‘phoolon ka chadar’  while you Continue Reading

A Visual Treat- Rituals Of A Marathi Wedding

Among all the regional weddings in India, weddings of Maharashtra are ones that are filled with simple and vibrant rituals. There is no such ritual which can be termed as unnecessary or irrelevant. All the rituals have particular spiritual significance and exhibit the core values of the Maharashtrian culture.   Most of the wedding ceremonies Continue Reading

A Guide To Photography As A Career And Top Photography Institutions

Is your passion for photography going over the top? Are you in search of the best photography institutions? Here, is a detailed study of the various career options that you can opt for once you have an idea of what photography is all about and how to proceed with it. Not only that, but you Continue Reading

Scintillating Rituals Of A Typical Muslim Wedding

Islam is one of the most prominent religions that has numerous unique rituals and traditions to follow in their ceremonies. Weddings are an integral part of the Islamic culture and are considered to be one of the primary duties of a Muslim. We have varied customs and prolific cultures throughout the wedding realm all over Continue Reading

7 Amazing Ways For Your Dog To Play A Role In Your Wedding Celebrations

A lot has been spoken of brides and grooms- from their wedding attires to how to shop for them, our couples probably know every odd thing about their wedding. What we haven’t talked about is the participation of our family at our wedding ceremonies.     Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by their families Continue Reading

You Think Wedding Photography Packages Are Expensive? They Are Not As High As They Sound.

“Oh My God! Really? I’m sure he’s overcharging.” “Wedding photography is nothing but a source of extra profit for the photographer.” “What’s there in a wedding photography? itna expensive kyun hain yeh !” “We paid whatever they asked phir bhi itne ghatiya pictures.” Well, these are some of the grievances that you put up with Continue Reading

12 Things You Must Know For Your Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoot is one of the most beautiful memories that will mark the beginning of your togetherness… If you think it is easy to do all of this together, then you are wrong. There are so many aspects you need to consider before jumping into the socks of excitement! Don’t believe? Look at the Continue Reading