Indian Groom Wedding Photographs

There is always so much hungama about the bride in the Indian weddings. Even rituals seem to be a lot more in a bride’s home than that of the groom. The bride and groom make the wedding and it’s unfair that only the bride gets all the attention.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer?

I was in the 7th standard when I read “With the Wedding Photographer”, by Stephen Leacock. Boy, what a hearty laugh I had! Let me present the story of this rather witty account of a person’s interaction with a photographer. This is purely for the sake of people who haven’t had the good fortune of Continue Reading

7 Popular Pre-Wedding Shoot Themes.

“Indian Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas”, my search words in Google. The results, a staggering 15,50,000 in 0.50 seconds. Whoa! That’s a huge number of ideas to actually see and process. But, what really captures my attention is the sheer number of searches!