Indian weddings are big and fat. They are only getting bigger and fatter by the day. Now, they are even going farther! What am I talking about? Destination Weddings Photographer, what else!

Destination weddings are such a rage; a somewhat foreign concept to the Indian wedding scenario, not so very long ago. We Indians like something, and then it doesn’t take longer for the like to blossom into love. One love to another, destination weddings are probably the grandest way to celebrate. It also brings in a mood of holiday. A wedding party on holiday is a combination that is irresistible.

Destination Weddings in India, in a way are easy, according to me. Purely because we have such a range of locations to choose from – backdrop of nature, palaces, oceans, sea side and even desserts are on the menu for us. I mean, we don’t have to travel to another country to shoot in a dessert. We have our own. It saves a lot of money on travel, yes!?

So you have the most favoured destination for your wedding, you are so on top of the world for the D-Day and you are starry eyed. Now, all you need is a photographer with a magic touch to capture all this for posterity to see.

How difficult can it get? It can get highly difficult if you don’t consider a few things.


Do you need a local photographer?

Should you hire a photographer from your home town or from the destination? This is an often asked question by couples. I think the best way to go about this is to hire a photographer who is brilliant at capturing destination photographs. The point whether the photographer is local or not is irrelevant, as long as there is experience. Here again, it is of supreme importance to really dig deep into the portfolio of the photographers being considered.

Each location has its best times and not so great times. Then there is the issue of natural light to consider. Your photographer should be able to handle all vagaries of a new place. Take your time to study the past work of your shortlisted photographers. Have detailed personal or video meetings. This helps two ways – one you get to know your photographer better, second you either like or dislike the photographer. You will actually see a lot more of the photographer than your mom during the wedding. So, it is hyper important to like and be comfortable with your photographer.


Make Your Wedding Planner and Photographer Best Buds

A destination Indian wedding usually needs a lot of planning. Even more than a normal Indian wedding! Naturally, there has to be a planner involved, unless of course you and your fiancée are Superwoman and Ironman! On a serious note, a destination wedding is a whole new deal. If an Indian wedding is a movie, then a destination Indian wedding is an exotic movie. Your wedding planner is the director. He/she literally decides so many minute details that have a direct impact on the photography too.

Photographer shortlisted, good. The next big priority on your list should be to get your planner and the photographer to be your new best friends. They need to work together. If the former is your director, then the latter is your cinematographer. As a team they can deliver a beautiful movie, err, wedding. Both in the real world and the reel world. Make sure your planner and photographer agree on key aspects to do with the wedding. They need to know the locations, themes, props involved, layouts etc that go into couple shoots and family shoots.

Destination Decides Dressing

There, I have said it. You have taken great efforts to choose the destination. You have invested time to pick your photographer. Now you really need to work on the dressing. Come to think of it, ill you be comfortable in a 20 kg lehnga in a hot Udaipur kind of destination? Most probably not!

Indian weddings are long. Really long! Sometimes even to the point of utmost exhaustion of the couple. Choosing outfits that gel with your destination add less to the drag of the wedding. Throw in a few dresses that are not extremely heavy for pre wedding couple shoot. You are going to travel so far, might as well have a couple shoot apart from the wedding.

Involve your photographer in helping you identify colors that will set aside your partner and you. Pick your wardrobe carefully to make you look special without making you look odd in the destination.

Plan to the Power of Infinity

As a run up to your destination wedding, you should eat, drink and sleep planning. Plan every minute detail of the destination wedding. Review it. Re-plan and review until you are sure it can’t get any better. Involve your wedding planner in all your decision making regarding the wedding. The more you plan, the less the scope of guesswork for your photographer.

There is an added benefit of planning. You plan so much, then you can delegate easy. Once you delegate everything, all you have to do is be happy and enjoy the show. Your happiness will show through your face which will be seen in your pictures.

Is a Team of Photographers Necessary?

Communicate the terms of work with your photographer. Agree on all key points. Especially if the destination wedding shoot involves having a team from your photographer’s side. Understand the need, if at all, for more than the required number of photography team. Remember it costs money to hire a team of photographers. Plus there are all the sundry expenses to take care of.

While you cut down on unwanted team members, ensure you are giving your photographer the needed space to decide if he really wants a team member. Be open to ideas from your photographer. After all, unless you ink the deal, there is no one getting onboard.

Take care of these things and enjoy your wedding. Destination, here we come!