Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – a movie that’s redefined romance in Bollywood. It made Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol a legendary couple, so much so, they are celebrated as the best couple even now, some 19 odd years after the movie.

A mention of DDLJ brings the image of Kajol in a white kurta hugging SRK in a leather jacket with his mandolin on the shoulder. Another very popular image is that of Kajol and SRK sitting with their backs to each other; an exasperated Kajol attempting to read a book while SRK strums his mandolin to disturb her. Then there are the scenes like that of ‘mehndi lagake rakhna’ song and the angry Amrish Puri finally letting go of Kajol with the dialogue ‘ja simran, jeele teri jindagi!’

It’s surprising that, images from a movie which is almost two decades old trigger all emotions related to that particular moment and emotion of the movie.

Not just that one look at these images and you feel nostalgic enough to see the film again!

Exactly what such candid moments captured vividly do your heart. These candid moments take you back into time and reconnect you with the emotion and feel of that moment. This is the very reason you should have candid photographs from the most special occasion of your life – your wedding!

Candid photographs are just that – they are candid! They are like the mirrors holding a moment for eternity. You can revisit the moment anytime, even after you become a grandparent and you will simply be transported back to the moment as if you were in it right now.

Technically, candid photography is like any normal photography. It’s the same camera equipment, more or less same lighting and the same effort. But, what changes is the view point. The journalistic attitude behind capturing a scene, unlike a staged scene is what makes candid photography so endearing.


Indian weddings are so rich, colorful, festive and grand. The bride and the groom are literally the hero and heroine of this occasion. Then you have the emotional family members, the naughty cousins, the sprightly kids of the house. These are just people, one element of this huge story. There are rituals and relatives, priests and pandals, food and functions!


There is no way on earth you can capture the essence, the emotion and the drama of this entire saga with plain old photography. You need and want a candid photographer to capture all these special moments.

How much does candid photography really differ from traditional photography? Let’s look at a few factors.

Attendance vs. Enthusiasm

Traditional photography focuses a lot on capturing all the attendees of the wedding. No doubt, it’s important; but just that, not so sure. Let’s be honest. How often do you feel like seeing pages and pages of straight-faced folks standing next to the already tired bride and groom, staring into the camera?  Not very often. Whereas you would definitely like to revisit pictures of an aunt checking out the necklace of another lady, your grandfather shaking a leg, the bride’s father shedding a happy tear or two kids secretly enjoying a ladoo. Do you see what I am saying now? These are moments that are always going to be fresh and hence need to be captured and treasured. A task that needs candid photography!

Chronological Vs. Spontaneous

Traditional photography generally captures all the events of the wedding in a chronological pattern. So in a way one Iyer wedding photo album is going to look almost the same as another Iyer wedding, except for, maybe the people and the location, mostly. Today’s bride and groom want their wedding photography to reflect their personalities, moods and tastes.

Candid photography leaves a lot of scope for spontaneous pictures, unlike its traditional counterpart. It captures the essence of the emotions of a particular ritual because it allows space for that much-needed spontaneity to really bring out the personalities of the bride and groom.

Stand out Vs. Blend in

Candid photography just blends in, to weave the story of a particular wedding. It doesn’t stand out like traditional photography with a format. Even the photographers blend in. They become the shadow of the bride or groom, capturing those fleeting moments that are gone in a wink.


Staged Vs. Natural

Candid photography is natural. It is possible with no preparation. There is really no necessity to have focus lights all the time. You don’t need to stage a group or pose a particular way all the time. You can be just yourself, your natural self and let the camera capture it forever.

Format Vs. Fun

Candid photography allows ample room for capturing fun and unique moments of the whole wedding process – the pre-wedding, during the wedding and the post-wedding. Even the behind the wedding scenes! An atmosphere that is ripe with such festivity as an Indian wedding holds in its bosom thousands of moments of mischief and pranking which only a candid photographer can capture!


How best to go about candid photography then? Should you completely cut down on the traditional photography style? Of course not! Have an exclusive candid photographer dedicated to shooting all the natural shots of the wedding. This way, young and old are equally happy to see your wedding album even after years have passed by. After all, you are the Kajol or the SRK of your wedding story. You deserve your own iconic moments to relish even after two decades! If not more, nothing less, is what candid photography can do for you.