15 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Photography

wedding photography

‘The camera captures it all’

There is no hiding about the fact that their wedding days are always stressful. There are so many things on the plate for a wedding that can easily get out of hand. 

So that you don’t fall in the trap of hassle, there are certain mistakes which you must not make for your wedding.

15 mistakes you should never make on your wedding –

1. Attire fitting


Wedding attire photography

Never keep this for the last. You need to get the last alteration done at least 15 days before the wedding.

Another tip for getting the fit done is never start any new diet 1 month before the Wedding Photography. You should complete reaching your body goal 2 months prior to your wedding.

The last thing doesn’t shop a year before. Your choice will change and you will certainly look for something new to wear. The safest bait id to shop 3 months before the wedding Photography as it will give you the latest trend and the perfect fit as well!


2. Getting matching accessories


wedding jewellery


You don’t want to miss this. Getting proper accessories is very important to make sure that your attire looks complete.

The ‘churni’, jewellery and purse should all be in sync with your dress. This means you should buy all of these only when you are done shopping for your saree or lehenga. Make sure you get it all on time and give a trial wearing all of it before the wedding.


3. Wearing comfortable shoes


wedding photography


Never wear new shoes on your wedding that can give a shoe bite. You have to stay in it for a long time and there is no point in letting your feet be at the pain. Rather, wear a low hill sandal that is comfortable.

Take it from me, tight shoes will literally draw your attention to your feet leaving you in immense pain. So choose your shoe wisely.


4. Going with the wrong makeup


bridal photography


The wedding does call for heavy make-up, but honestly, it doesn’t suit all. There brides who look beautiful in minimal makeup and should stick to it.

Also, choose colours that will complement your skin tone and attire as well. If you are wearing a very heavy designed saree/ wedding dress, keeping the makeup will let your attire get the deserving focus (after all you have spent a lot of money on it).


5. Hitting the salon late


pre-wedding photography


Never, I repeat NEVER hit the salon a day before your wedding. Why? You never know how your skin will react to the treatment.

Complete everything 3 days before your wedding day. Your facial treatment and other skin therapy take around 3 days to give the natural glow.


6. Not hiring a photographer early


wedding photographer in Kolkata


You MUST hire your wedding photographer right from the time you decide the date. This will help you a lot. He/ she will be able to connect with you and do your pre-wedding shoot. Your photographer can also give ideas as well as give you examples about how different photographs you can click.


7. Deciding on the décor and theme


wedding decor ideas


It’s your wedding and you should decide on the theme and décor. It should complement the couple and their love together. The theme should be something that will be close to your heart and reflects a major part of your relationship.


8. Colour coordination


Wedding decoration colour ideas


Colour scheming is another paramount factor to keep in mind. The entire colour should match the mood and reflect the love between the couple.

Nowadays, you can let go of the stereotypical red and golden colour and embrace the peppy colours like purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange, magenta, etc.

All these hues give a very warm and welcoming feeling. Also, if your style is not mainstream, this should be your choice in colour!


9. Lighting


wedding light decoration


How can you have a great wedding without beautiful lighting? It’s just not possible! There are so many new and different patterns that you can add in the styling pattern and give way to the beautiful ambience of your wedding.

Need help or suggestion? Take some advice from Google or from your photographer who will give you a proper insight into this beautifully.


10. Not getting enough sitting arrangements


seating plan at wedding


Let’s be real. Weddings are long and more than people seating, you can find a floating crowd. You certainly don’t want that! Why? They will not get a chance to sit and watch the Wedding Photography with love and serenity.

Also, there should be enough place to sit and eat properly!


11. Menu


menu at wedding


Wedding menus are difficult. But you should always opt for food which is easy to eat without really messing with the guests’ makeup and clothes.

The starters should be more of finger food and the buffet should be away from the mandap. You don’t want to distract the couple or just keep on munching food while the auspicious ceremony is going on.


12. Keeping too many drinks


15 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Photography 1


Your guests should get a chance to have a look at Wedding Photography. They don’t want to find themselves sloppily walking around and drunk, this won’t be the best thing to watch at your wedding!

Also, cleaning puke at your Wedding Photography is not the fanciest thing you are looking forward to!


13. Going for the same family and guest photos


candid wedding photography


Don’t make the pictures boring. With the couple in the middle and others just surrounding them, this is going to be a really boring affair.

Rather, try new and different poses that will bring life in the pictures. And lastly, ask the photographer to suggest which pose is going to look and suit the best.

You can be a little crazy with friends and cousins in the photo, Get the blessing shot from parents, the I’m still mom-dad’s girl pose and more…

Unless you experiment, the shoot will remain boring!


14. Not scheduling things from beforehand


Indian Wedding Checklist


‘I’ll do it later’ If you say this on your wedding day, it is the biggest mistake you will make. Even before you realize, time will fly and most of the work won’t be done. Plan everything with time and deadline.

If you stick to the plan only then you will see that there is no sudden and extra burden coming on your shoulder. Ask your best friends and favorite cousins (That’s true, there will always be some friends and cousins closer with the bride) to check and double-check everything.


15. Focusing too much on other things


bridal photography


Now, on this entire list, you will see it is about the things you are to do and how. But, in this hustle don’t forget to take out time for yourself. After all, it’s your Wedding Photography and how can you not take out enough time for yourself? You need to make sure you are having your personal space to relax and focus on your D-day.

Your main focus should be on you and your partner. Rest, things will fall in place!

Now that you know all about it, you are prepared to get married minus the stress!

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