How to Choose a Wedding Photographer?

I was in the 7th standard when I read “With the Wedding Photographer”, by Stephen Leacock. Boy, what a hearty laugh I had! Let me present the story of this rather witty account of a person’s interaction with a photographer. This is purely for the sake of people who haven’t had the good fortune of reading this story.
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What to Look for When Hiring a Destination Photographer?

Indian weddings are big and fat. They are only getting bigger and fatter by the day. Now, they are even going farther! What am I talking about? Destination Weddings Photographer, what else!

Destination weddings are such a rage; a somewhat foreign concept to the Indian wedding scenario, not so very long ago. We Indians like something, and then it doesn’t take longer for the like to blossom into love. One love to another, destination weddings are probably the grandest way to celebrate. It also brings in a mood of holiday. A wedding party on holiday is a combination that is irresistible.
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