A Guide To Photography As A Career And Top Photography Institutions

Photography equipment

Is your passion for photography going over the top? Are you in search of the best photography institutions? Here, is a detailed study of the various career options that you can opt for once you have an idea of what photography is all about and how to proceed with it. Not only that, but you also get a compiled list of all the top photography institutions in Kolkata for you to choose as per your need and convenience.

Years ago, photography was considered to be a hobby profession only, but today with the growing fashion, advertising and media industry, photography has emerged as a remunerative career option to numerous youths.

Photography which is simultaneously a science, and art has become a fast emerging popular career option today. Photography is further classified into numerous streams, each of which again buds into a new job opportunity to pursue.

Eligibility Criteria to become a photographer

Though, there isn’t any such hard and fast eligibility criteria required to become a photographer, today many schools offer photography at the 10+2 stage as a vocational subject. There are no specific academic requirements for full-time courses in photography, individuals who have cleared their 10+2 exams can appear for diploma/certificate courses in photography. It is also offered as an optional subject for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Apart from these, there are various institutes which offer a photography course in Kolkata. With the evolution of photography, it has become a full-time career today.

Top 12 Photography career options

Before we move onto the different photography career options, one thing you must always remember is that you ought to choose a genre that has varied openings. Today a photographer can play various roles, some of them are-

1. Photojournalists/ Press Photographers


Press Photography as photography career option.
Press Photography

Photojournalists are entrusted with the job of supplying pictures to the national and global press. This photography career opportunity deserves an able photographer who must have an eye to capture all newsworthy events, places, peoples, sports, journals, and magazines. A photojournalist ought to have the sense of a journalist to shoot a good newsworthy picture. Today in the world of growing media consciousness, a huge number of photojournalists are required. 

The average salary of a Photojournalist in India- The average salary of a Photojournalist varies according to the employment agency and the position they hold. The starting salary of a photojournalist would be around Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. However, experienced photojournalists can earn between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000. In this field, the salary would increase based on the experience, hard work and skill of the photographer.  


2. Wildlife Photography


Wildlife Photography as a career option.
Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography as a photography course is mainly to learn how to be concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. Along with photography skills, wildlife photographers also need field craft skills. For instance, some animals are often difficult to approach and thus a photographer must have knowledge of the animal’s behaviour in order to be able to predict its actions.

The average salary of a Wildlife Photographer in India- The salary scale for reputed wildlife photographers can be Rs. 30,000 to 1 lakh per month.


3. Travel photography


Travel Photography

If you love adventure and travelling then travel photography could be a good option for you. Travel photographers work for the hospitality industry, travel magazines and websites. It requires the ability to capture the right shot at the right moment.

The average salary of a Travel Photographer in India- Average earning in this field is comparatively handsome. According to India Today, a travel photographer can earn around 2- 3.5 lakhs per annum.


4. Industrial/ Commercial Photography


Product Photography

The job of an industrial photographer is basically product photography. The shooting of exteriors and interiors of factories and machines, company brochures, advertising and selling, annual reports and much more.

The average salary of a Commercial Photographer- In India, the average salary of a commercial photographer would be approximately Rs 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month.


5. Feature Photographers


Feature Photography

The feature photography job option is describing a story through photographs and thus, the photographer is required to have a thorough knowledge of the subject. Many photographers have specialised knowledge in the field of wildlife photography, sports photography, travel photography, nature photography and many more.

The average salary of a Feature Photographer in India


6. Wedding Photographers


Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are generally hired to shoot a wedding and events related to it. They take pictures of individuals or small groups, pets or children at any event, family functions, wedding celebrations, stunning wedding venues, sports, activities, and social events so that you can save your precious memories in your wedding album

The average salary of a Wedding Photographer in India- There is no fixed monthly income for a wedding photographer, as it is entirely a season based job. However, it is their experience that can actually create or spoil a wedding photograph. At the initial stage,  a wedding photographer could charge anything between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per wedding ceremony. However, experienced photographers could charge Rs. 30,000 or more for one event.


7. Advertising Photographers


Advertising Photography

They work for photography departments of advertising agencies and photographic studios-  a large section of which happens to work as freelancers. Advertising photography is considered to be the most-paid and the most competitive branch of all. A photographer’s success in this field depends purely on the ability, efficiency along with the right personality of the photographer.  

The average salary of an Advertising Photographer in India

8. Fashion Photographers


Fashion Photography

This field of photography has blossomed in India recently. The lion’s share of fashion photography in India is carried out mainly in Mumbai or Delhi. Fashion Photography involves highly skilled and well-equipped studios, run by freelancers who are instructed by fashion houses of different advertising agencies.

The average salary of a Fashion Photographer in India- In India if one begins his career as an assistant to a senior photographer his pay could be between Rs. 36,000 to Rs. 70,000 based on the assignments. While an established photographer could get Rs. 120,000 to Rs. 360,000 per assignment.


9. Food Photographers


Food Photography

Food photographers mainly work for food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, exporters, dairy and ice-cream companies. They shoot either in a studio with an attached kitchen or in hotels for exclusive shots.

The average salary of a Food Photographer in India- Food photographers are generally hired on a contractual basis and their pay varies accordingly. However, depending on the experience per day payment could range between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 60,000.

10. Scientific Photographer


Scientific Photography

Scientific Photographers are armed with additional knowledge of engineering, biology, medicine or chemistry which help them photograph a wide range of subjects related to scientific phenomena. Being a scientific photographer, one can work with news reporters or as freelancers on assignments regarding the environment, wildlife and other related fields.

The average salary of a Scientific Photographer in India- In India, the average salary of a scientific salary starts from Rs. 25,000.

11. Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography

Aerial photographers take pictures of places, buildings, landscapes, terrain which cannot be reached with ease, particularly during natural calamities, war and other similar situations. Aerial photography is used for news, business, industrial, scientific or military purposes. Also, Drone Photography which is much in demand as a wedding photography style is counted under Aerial Photography

The average salary of an Aerial Photographer in India- The job of an aerial photographer is a type of speciality photography and thus the salary is also difficult to comprehend. However, in India, an aerial photographer would earn Rs. 30,000- Rs. 40,000 at the beginning.

12. Freelance Photographer


Freelance Photography

Many photographers have chosen to freelance as a career option. Photographers who want to be self-employed can opt to freelance on any of the mentioned fields.

The average salary of a Freelance Photographer in India- The average salary for one beginning a career as a freelance photographer in India would start from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per project/ assignment.

Whether photographers are self-employed, or freelancers, they must create their own style in order to stand out of the crowd and license their photographs to photo agencies as and when required.

Once you have the answer to- “Why I want to be a photographer?” the next question would arise- “How to become a photographer in India?”

With a basic idea of the various photography jobs in Kolkata, we move on to the next important phase. To become a photographer in India, you can follow these steps-

i) Take up a photography course- To make a career in the digital world, you ought to stay updated with all the new techniques and equipment. Earlier when people learned photography all by themselves, today with changing time many institutions are providing courses on the required skill and techniques. You either get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Photography or pursue diploma courses of 3 months or 1-year duration.

ii) Learn the basics of photography- Once you enrol yourself in a course, you will understand the basics of photography, like Framing, Rule of thirds, Shutter Speed, etc which will help you take interesting photographs.

iii) Participate in photography competitions & exhibitions- Once a craft is learned, you need to practice it till perfection. Participation in photography competitions & exhibitions will give you the opportunity to grow and develop your skills. Through these competitions, you can showcase your talent and the skills that you have acquired so far. They would help your work get evaluated and also criticised by a panel of judges. Their suggestions will not only improve your work but also create the urge of doing better.

Apart from taking part in competitions, you should also take part in internships, work as a freelancer, take up work in any aspect of photography which will lend you great exposure and the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people.

iv) Choose a photography niche- Once you have created a network for yourself, you need to now craft a niche. In order to become a professional photographer, it is very important to experiment with different genres that help you identify different areas of photography. To identify your strength and increase your expertise in the area, it is very important to venture into various domains, so that in future you are able to create your own niche in photography.

v) Create your portfolio/ blog/ website- If you are doing good work, you need to showcase your skills. Advertise your work through a portfolio, blog or a website. A portfolio will give your work a professional outlook and your own blog or website will increase the chances of you getting noticed on a larger scale.  

Now that you know how to proceed towards your dream job of becoming a photographer, you would definitely be wondering if the equipment is really important to pursue a photography career.

To answer that query of yours, good equipment definitely matters. Legendary photographers work with world-class equipment. Equipment often makes a difference in the quality of pictures.

The lens also plays a vital role in providing diverse shoot options. Depending on the genre of photography you can choose from various types of lenses.

Earning prospects

When starting off, you might find it difficult to make a living with a photography job in Kolkata but if you are promising enough to put your best foot forward along with getting armed in the latest technological updates and skills, it could prove to be a rewarding profession for you.

On an average, if you are working as an assistant photographer, your pay could be between Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,500 per month. Fields like fashion photography and advertising photography are more lucrative if one can display their expertise in it.

However, your salary varies depending on the place of work, your creativity, and also your experience in the field. Initially, the earnings might be low and you may have to settle down for whatever you get. A career in photography would be difficult and it might also demand irregular working hours. So, be prepared to work very, very hard.

If you haven’t yet taken the professional step, you don’t need to begin with buying an expensive camera. You can start with a point-and-shoot or a mobile camera and gradually shift on to a DSLR, once you identify your niche. Buying a DSLR largely depends on your budget and thus it is advisable to sample a few cameras and lenses before you invest in any decision.

Photography is a vision which you display to the world, it is one of the sectors that provide flexible working options. Also, it is a highly technical field that demands expertise and a keen eye for lighting, details and most importantly patience. If you feel you are armed with all the skills, then photography is definitely your take.

Top Photography Institutes in Kolkata

Your skill is your weapon to create flawless pictures and you need to improve your skill with passing time and growing technology. If you want to enhance your skills, you ought to have expert guidance and that is exactly why here we have listed top photography institutes in Kolkata where you can attain the precision like a pro.

1. Indian Institute of Photography



Indian Institute of Photography Gurgaon workshop
Indian Institute of Photography

The Indian Institute of Photography vows to offer budding photographers with a world-class platform for ‘Online’ as well as ‘Regular’ photography course. They can learn from high-quality study materials and interact with international photographers. It is believed to be one of the best photography institutes in India.  

Address of Indian Institute of Photography- B-7, Sector-2, Near Sector 15 Metro station, Gate No. 3, Noida (U.P.)- 201301

Phone number of Indian Institute of Photography- 0120-4346600

Email Id of Indian Institute of Photography- info@indianinstituteofphotography.com

The course fee of Indian Institute of Photography- The Indian Institute of Photography offers multiple courses from basics to professional and their fees vary accordingly.

i) One Year Online Professional Photography Diploma– Rs. 1,70,000

ii) 3 Months Online Foundation Photography Course- Rs. 8,000

iii) 1 Month Online Beginners Photography Course- Rs. 4950

iv) Online Mobile Phone Photography Course- Rs. 2950

2. National Institute of Photography



National Institute of Photography
National Institute of Photography

Also known as NIP, National Institute of Photography founded by Late. Prof. Manohar Desai vows to spread the knowledge of photography among youths and those who want to make a career of it. Many students after taking training from NIP have pursued successful careers in photography. Their courses are defined in a way to focus on different genres of photography. They also conduct theory and practical sessions to help students go into the depth of the subject.

Address of National Institute of Photography: Room No. 1, Ghamat Terrace, 2nd Floor, Senapati Bapat Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai- 400028

Phone number of National Institute of Photography 022 24315737, 022 24306502

Mobile number of National Institute of Photography- +91 9820109479, +91 9029643364

Email Id of National Institute of Photography- info@focusnip.com

Course fees of National Institute of Photography- National Institute of Photography offers different courses and the range starts

3. Images Redefined Photography Institute


Images Redefined Photography Institute
Images Redefined Photography Institute

It is the creation of Kolkata-based photographer Sucheta Das, and it offers courses like- photojournalism, wedding photography, wildlife photography and commercial photography. If you want to learn the basics, Images Redefined serve month-long courses so that people with a busy schedule can also learn the basics.

Address of Images Redefined 21/7 Sahapur, New Alipore, near State Bank, New Alipore Branch, Kolkata- 700053, India

Phone number of Images Redefined- +91 98307 96777, 82400 57124

Email Id of Images Redefined- imagesredefined@gmail.com

The Course Fees of Images Redefined Rs 3,000 onwards.


4. Udaan School Of Photography


Udaan School of Photography Kolkata
Udaan School of Photography

The Udaan School Of Photography offers a variety of courses from the basic to the advanced. Having its headquarters at Mumbai, they provide a curriculum for children and a short-term programme in commercial and fashion photography. The most amazing part of this is, you can customise your course structure to as per your schedule.

Address of Udaan School Of Photography 23, Ahiripukur First Lane, Ballygunge.

Phone number of Udaan School Of Photography+91 9619315130

The Course Fees of Udaan School Of Photography Rs 4,250 onwards.


5. National  Academy Of Photography


National Academy of Photography Kolkata
National Academy of Photography

If you are in search of pure professional training, join the National Academy Of Photography. This institute will teach you every detail of digital imaging, journalism, commercial and advertising photography and fashion photography. Their sole aim is to encourage creativity, thus, you must not be surprised if you are pushed into the deep and asked to compose imagery on your own. All their courses are purely workshop-based. You get to learn from Romanian icons like Teodor Radu Pantea and Ovi D. Pop along with acclaimed cinematographer Soumendu Roy who had worked with Satyajit Ray.

Address of National Academy Of Photography 38, Golf Club Road

Phone number National Academy Of Photography- 98310 17830

The Course Fees National Academy Of Photography Rs, 18,000 onwards.


6. Fotograffitti Productions- Photography Studio and Institute


Fotograffitti Productions Kolkata
Fotograffitti Productions

Fotograffiti helps you capture human expressions and also work on your skills in product photography, outdoor photography and event photography. Since 2002, they have been offering a wide course structure with six different workshops and classes. You are free to choose any phase or level as per your convenience.

Address of Fotograffitti Productions- 8, Lower Rawdon Street, Ballygunge.

Course Fees of Fotograffitti Productions- Rs 4,500 onwards.

Phone number Fotograffitti Productions- 97488 29039.

The Course Fees of Fotograffitti Productions- Course fee at Fotograffitti productions start from Rs. 4500.


7. The Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation


Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation classroom picture
Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation

This institute is especially to offer special field training in wildlife photography, for which their last destination was Palamau Tiger Reserve in Jharkhand along with this they offer a film and photography course which can help you earn a B.Sc, PG Diploma or Diploma. Many prominent names today have outdone their interactive sessions are Prakash Jha, Bipasha Basu, Sakyadeb Chowdhury, Raja Sen, Arghyakamal Mitra and  Anup Mukhopadhyay.

Address of The Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation- BJ- 97, Salt Lake.

Phone number of The Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation- +91 332 321 2011 / +91 8981552392/ +91 8777581736/ + 91 9875627448

Email Id of The Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation-

General inquiry- contact@iidaaindia.com

Admission inquiry- admission@iidaaindia.com

The Course Fees of The Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation- Rs, 40,000 onwards.


8. Focus Photography Institute


Any skill is better learnt through focus guidance. At this institute, classes are held with a small number of students so that the mentors can have proper interaction with each and every student. You can learn the basics of advanced photography in their in-house studio. Also, they offer intensive courses in digital photography which includes going out on local trails and workshop-based courses on product photography.

Focus Photography Institute work sample
Focus Photography Institute

Address of Focus Photography Institute- P-24/1A Mayadasi Road, Behala, Ground Floor, near Behala College, Parnasree, Kolkata- 700060, West Bengal, India.

Phone number Focus Photography Institute +91 9830566401/ +91 9123053415

Email Id of Focus Photography Institute- focusphotographyinstitute@yahoo.com

The Course Fees of Focus Photography InstituteRs 8,000 onwards.


9. Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography


Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography students picture
Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography

Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography offers you two distinct courses- standard and professional. Their photography trails under the supervision of famous photographers are much sought-after. With the emergence of new technologies, photography has changed its dimensions; be it static or moving images, you’d learn to capture all.

Address of Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography- C-306, City Centre 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700060

Phone number of Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography- +91 9874600139

Email Id of Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography- Info@CSCP.School

The Course Fees of Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography- Rs, 12,000 onwards.


10. Bengal Photography Institute


Bengal Photography Institute Annual Photography Exhibition
Bengal Photography Institute

The Bengal Photography Institute aims to blend professionalism with the power of creativity. They wish to produce professional photographers with a great idea of technology. Hence, they very carefully teach the various aspects of photography to maintain stability in today’s world.

Location of Bengal Photography Institute C/41, First Floor, Chalantika, Garia Station Road, Kolkata-700084. (Near Shahid Khudiram Metro Station).

Phone number of Bengal Photography Institute+91 85829 04905

Email id of Bengal Photography Institute bengalphotographyinstitute@gmail.com / info@bengalphotographyinstitute.in

The course fee of Bengal Photography Institute- Rs. 10,000 (single payment) and Rs. 12,000 (installment payment)

11. Omi Photography Institute


Omi Photography Institute workshop
Omi Photography Institute

Omi Photography India is a group of passionate photographers who like shoot and also guide others who have high interest in the art of shooting through the lens. After all, the lens sees what the eyes don’t see. You can join their workshop as well as their Interactive One to One Online Course. All their courses are recognized and certified by the Photographic Society of India

Address of Omi Photography Institute- BE295, Sector I, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700064, West Bengal, India

Phone number of Omi Photography Institute- 99030526785, 9874495655, 9874495655

Email Id Omi Photography Institute- info@omiphotography.in

The course fee of Omi Photography Institute- The workshop fee starts from Rs. 8000


12. Jadavpur University Photographic Club (JUPC)


Jadavpur University Photographic Club Photofest
Jadavpur University Photographic Club

Jadavpur University Photographic Club commonly known as JUPC provides of Digital Photography Courses, Basic Photography Course and Fashion Photography Course in Kolkata. Long with these, they also provide Flash Photography Course.

Address of Jadavpur University Photographic Club- 1st Floor, Amenities Center Building, Raja S.C. Mallick Road, Jadavpur University, Main Campus Area, Kolkata- 700032, West Bengal, India.

The course fee of Jadavpur University Photographic Club- For the basic photography course, JUPC would charge around Rs. 2,950.


13. iLead


iLead Institute Kolkata
iLead Institute

iLead or the Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development is an institute promoted by PS & Srijan Group and approved by UGC. it is affiliated to the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, probably the biggest university of West Bengal, India. iLead also collaborates with 16+ international universities.

Address of the iLead Institute- 113 J, Matheswartala Road, Near Axis Bank, off Park Regency Hotel, Topsia, Kolkata- 700046.

Phone number of iLead- +913340182000

Mobile number of iLead- +919830015201/02 +918334878444

The course fee for photography at iLead- At iLead, the photography course fee would begin from Rs. 10,000 for the basic course.


14. MAAC Digital Photography


MAAC Digital Photography Kolkata
MAAC Digital Photography

MAAC offers a range of career-oriented courses in Multimedia, Graphic & Web designing, Gaming, and Media & entertainment and many more. Also, they provide with a 1.5 months certificate course in Digital Photography.

Address of MAAC-  MAAC has multiple centres throughout India in Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar, Haryana, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and many other places. In West Bengal, the centre is at- 107a Rashbehari Avenue 3rd Floor, Near Priya Cinema, Kolkata- 700029, India.

Phone number of MAAC- 033-24658986/ 033-24658987

Mobile number of MAAC- 91 9836321789

The course fee of MAAC Digital Photography- Short-term courses, would charge you Rs. 7,000- Rs. 90,000. While for, advanced courses charges could rise up to Rs 2,50,000.


15. Zebra Institute


Zebra Institute of Photography Kolkata
Zebra Institute of Photography

Zebra Institute in Kolkata offers various professional and integrated courses. It is a leader of this field of the career in Kolkata. Also, this is one of the best dynamic and career inspiring capitals in Kolkata. Zebra Institute helps you learn everything, from the basic till the advanced techniques.

Address of Zebra Institute- 216/2F, AJC Bose Road, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700017

Phone number of Zebra Institute- +91 9163384527, +91 8240874284, +913322809420

Email Id of Zebra Institute- zebrainstitutekolkata@gmail.com

The course fee at Zebra Institute- Photography course fee at Zebra Institute would begin from Rs. 8,000.


16. Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts


Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts faculty
Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts

The Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts (RACPA) founded by world- acclaimed award-winning writers, directors, artists is an international film and television institute. It is affiliated to the University of Cambridge, UK; ICA, Boston; AFI, California, UCLA, Los Angeles; Film Society of Lincoln Centre, New York. the purpose behind finding the academy was to promote film and television related education and motion pictures in general along with their impact on society.

Address of Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts- 12A, Central, Ground Floor, Jadavpur, Kolkata- 700032. Near Jadavpur Telephone Exchange.

Phone number of Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts- +913346000197, +917980598025, +919836922291

Email Id of Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts- info@racpa.org

The course fee of Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts- Photography courses would charge Rs. 12,000.


17. Star Film Academy


Star Film Academy Faculty members
Star Film Academy

Star Film Academy is an all-around institute for modelling, acting, film studies, photography, digital photography and many other similar courses.

Address of Star Film Academy- P 614, CIT Road, Kankurgachi, Kolkata- 700054, Beside Allahabad Bank, Ultadanga Crossing. Star Film Academy is also has a branch in Mumbai.  

Phone number of Star Film Academy- 033 40033082, +917044527103

The course fee of Star Film Academy- Photography courses would start from Rs. 20,000.


18. The Dream Merchants


The Dream Merchants Kolkata
The Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants is a photography institute that provides courses in Beautician Institutes, Modelling Agencies, Photography Institutes, Model Coordinators and many more such courses.

Address of The Dream Merchants- 114A/1A, Selimpur Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata- 700031, Opposite Jodhpur Park

Phone number of The Dream Merchants- 033 40078605, +91 9831122011, +91 9903085349

The course fee of The Dream Merchants- The course fee of the Dream Merchants is around Rs. 12,000 per course.


19. Career wings


Career Wings Visual Art
Career Wings

An institute under the Lakhotia group, Career wings offers many learning opportunities, from academic education to lifestyle courses, for many people through professional courses as well as workshops.

Address of Career wings- Career Wings has multiple centres in Liluah, Serampore, Birati, Kolkata. The Kolkata centre is located at 8, N.S. Road, Block- C 2nd  Floor, Dalhousie, Kolkata- 700001

Phone number of Career wings- 7044088441

Email Id of Career wings- info@careerwings.org

The course fee of Career Wings- Career wings would be Rs 6,000 per month.


20. Perfect Computer


Perfect Computer Training centre
Perfect Computer

Located in Shyam Nagar, Perfect Computer offers Photography Training Institutes, Computer Training Institutes, Multimedia Training Institutes, Computer Networking Institutes and many other digital courses.

Address of Perfect Computer- Shyam Nagar Road, Shyam Nagar, Kolkata- 700055

Phone number of Perfect Computer- +919830473835

The course fee of Perfect Computer- Fees would start from Rs. 4,950 per month.


21. Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects


Frameboxx Photography Institute Kolkata

Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects started in 2007 by a team of management and technical preachers with more than 10 years of experience, focuses on providing high-end entertainment training and related services. Since its inception, Frameboxx has expanded to fifty states across India.

Address of Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects- Chatterjee International Centre, 6th Floor, 33 A, J. L. Nehru Road, Near Park Street Metro Stn, Chowringhee, Kolkata- 700071

Phone number of Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects- 033-22884549, 9330776787

Email Id of Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects- chowringhee@frameboxx.in

Course fee Of Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects- Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects photography charges start from Rs. 8,000


22. WLCI College


WLCI College India faculty
WLCI College

WLCI College, established in 1966 is a Leader Provider of Professional Education In India for under-graduate as well as post-graduate courses in the fields of Graphic Design & Advertising, Fashion Technology, Business Management.

Address of WLCI College- 2nd Floor, 10C, Hungerford Street, (Near Minto Park Birla High School)

Phone number of WLCI College- 9831996341, 033-40113456

The course fee for photography at WLCI College- Fees would be starting from Rs. 18,000 and varying according to courses.


23. Future Media School


Future Media School workshop
Future Media School

Address of Future Media School- P/7/2098 Sonarpur Station Road, Kolkata- 700150, West Bengal, India.

Phone number of Future Media School- +9133-24345615, +919007791300, +918240472003

Email Id of Future Media School- info@teamfuture.in

The course fee of Future Media School- At Future Media School, the photography course fee would begin from Rs. 15,000


24. GDPS Academy


The GDPS Academy is a venture of Chandan’s Group of companies and is one of the leading educational institutes in West Bengal. The GDPS Academy lays emphasis on Holistic Learning and imbibing competitive abilities in students. The goal of the institute is to inspire a lifelong passion for learning and to help the diverse population of students to succeed as citizens of a challenging world.

GDPS Academy courses offered
GDPS Academy

Address of GDPS Academy– 23/3 Agrasain Street, 1st Floor, Liluah, Howrah- 711204

Phone number of GDPS Academy- 033-26554343; +91 9903239836

Email Id of GDPS Academy- thegdspacademy@gmail.com

The photography course fee at GDPS Academy- The course fee would be starting from Rs. 8,000


25. Academy of Creative Art


Academy of Creative Art Students
Academy of Creative Art

Founded by Shilpi Anil Kumar Dutta, Academy of Creative Art promotes Juvenile Art and Photography Education. Run by a Registered Trust board, Academy of Creative Art aims at developing expert teaching and learning and impart quality Art Education.

Address of Head Office, Academy of Creative- 75/1 Jyotish Roy Road, New Alipur, Kolkata 700053. Behind Hindustan Sweets, Off Tollygunj Circular Road.

Phone number of Academy of Creative Art- 033 24000 390; 9831001947

Email Id of Academy of Creative Art- academy.creative.art@gmail.com / raja.abhimannyu@gmail.com

Study Centre of Academy of Creative Art- 3/2A Chandranath Chatterjee Street, Bhabanipur, Kolkata 700025. Opposite- Jadu Bazaar, near Netaji Bhavan Metro Railway Station.  

The course fee at Academy of Creative Art- The photography course fee at Academy of Creative Art would start from Rs. 10,000


26. Nikon School


Nikon School Photography samples
Nikon School

Started in 2010, Nikon School has been setting a benchmark every year in the field of spreading photography culture. The mission of School is to provide the best learning opportunities for those who are passionate about photography and want to rise high in this field.

Address of Nikon School- Plot No. 71, Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon 122001, Haryana.

Phone number of Nikon School- 1800-102-7346

Email id of Nikon School- Nikon.school@nikon.com

The course fee at Nikon School- Nikon School would charge Rs. 10,000 for photography basic courses.


27. National Academy of Media & Events


National Academy Of Event Management & Development 10 years celebration
National Academy Of Event Management & Development

National Academy of Media & Events also known as ‘NAME’ has evolved from the rising need for a career focused solely on Event Management Institute In East India. Started in 2014, NAME is an institute that produces trained, world-class professionals, to improve the Event and Entertainment Industry.

Address of National Academy of Media & Events-

Kolkata Center- MINTO PARK, The Regency Building, 4th Floor, Hungerford Street, Kolkata 700 017, West Bengal.

Mumbai Center- Bungalow 174, Near workout Gym, Old Mhada, 4 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone number of National Academy of Media & Events- 9830216321

Email Id of National Academy of Media & Events- info.nameedu@gmail.com

The course fee of National Academy of Media & Events- At National Academy of Media & Events, the photography courses will be charged from Rs. 12,000.


28. Seacom Skills University


Seacom Skills University Campus
Seacom Skills University

Seacom Skills University offering Engineering and Technical Education with a focus on practical skills and building confidence in students. Also, it aims to provide quality technical education to upgrade intellectual qualities and corporate ethics.

Address of Seacom Skills University-

Office Address- 11, Kendua Main Road, Garia, Kolkata 700084, West Bengal, India.

Campus Address- Kendradangal, Bolpur, District: Birbhum, West Bengal, India, PIN: 731236

Phone number of Seacom Skills University- 8981024701/ 8981024702/ 9836295315/ 7890502451

Email Id of Seacom Skills University- info_ssu@swacomgroups.com

The course fee of Seacom Skills University- At Seacom Skills University, photography courses would start from Rs 20,000.


29. NIIT


NIIT campus

NIIT Limited is a global leader in Skills and Talent Development. It offers multi-disciplinary learning solutions to multiple countries. Established in 1981, the company ranks among world’s leading training companies owing to its vast array of talent development programs.

Address of NIIT- 85, Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India.

Phone number of NIIT- 180030006448

Email Id of NIIT- info@niit.com

The course fee at NIIT is- At NIIT, the admission fee for photography courses is Rs. 30,000


30. Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education


Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education laboratory
Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education

Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education or IISTE aims to explore a whole new world of educational opportunities. IISTE is an autonomous council established by the Indian Government as a professional educational council for the poor and underprivileged street children, working children, rural people, physically challenged, and working person.

Address of Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education- 4/10-A, Poddar Nagar, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata- 700068

Phone number of Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education- 033-40046771/ 65419505

Email id of Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education– info@iiste.education

The course fee of Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education- The course fee at Indian Institute for Secondary & Technical Education is Rs.  20,000


31. The Camera School


The Camera School logo
The Camera School

The mentors at The Camera School aim at helping students to think, visualize and creatively compose a photograph. Hand-picked faculty with modern infrastructure helps them create the best learning environment for students.

Address of The Camera School- The Camera School, Unit No AS107 Astra Towers, Major Arterial Road (North Extension), Action Area IIC, Newtown, West Bengal 700135

Phone number of The Camera School- +91 7044064444

Email Id of The Camera School- info@thecameraschool.in

The course fee at The Camera School-The Camera School would charge Rs. 1,70,000

33. International Institute of Film & Fine Arts


International Institute of Film & Fine Arts Kolkata
International Institute of Film & Fine Arts

International Institute of Film & Fine Arts is a fabulous film Institute, where one can take a step ahead in their career. Initiated by Sanjib Sadhukha, Director of IIFFA, says, it has been a great boon to newcomers who had been lacking behind for multiple reasons in the path of becoming a successful media professional. Having their own placement cell, IIFFA helps students develop their career as a media professional.

Address of International Institute of Film & Fine Arts- Bansdroni, Govt. Colony, Kolkata- 700070

Phone number of International Institute of Film & Fine Arts- +91 8017291338

Email Id of International Institute of Film & Fine Arts- filmfinearts@gmail.com

The course fee of International Institute of Film & Fine Arts- At the International Institute of Film & Fine Arts photography courses would charge Rs. 12,000


34. International Institute of Photography


International Institute of Photography Office
International Institute of Photography

International Institute of Photography or IIP Kolkata, is a school for next-gen photographers. It is a premiere photography institute in Kolkata dedicated to impart and promote the art and technique of professional photography. IIPK is presently one of the best photography institutes in Kolkata

Address of International Institute of Photography- Raj Premiere Block EN-37, 4th Floor Sector-v, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700091. Landmark- Webel More bus stop, behind Backstage Lounge.

Phone number of International Institute of Photography- 9748509000/ 9007523000/ 9007306000/ 9674344342/ 033 40031496

The course fee of International Institute of Photography- International Institute of Photography is Rs 25,000


35. Light & Shadow


Light & Shadow
Light & Shadow

Light & Shadow, is a Kolkata based Photography Institute founded by international photoartist, SUBHASISH BANERJEE. Light & Shadow aims to promote photography among youths and open new spheres of photography.

Address of Light & Shadow- 2/1, Khudiram Bose Road, Hatibagan, Kolkata- 700006, West Bengal.

Phone number of Light & Shadow- 91 033 2555-8006 (6:30 pm to 10 pm IST) / 09830170950

Email Id of Light & Shadow- subhasish@photolns.com / admin@photolns.com

The course fee at Light & Shadow- For basic course, the fee would be Rs. 18,500 and for an advanced course, the fee will be Rs. 22,500


36. Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue


Ujjiban Institute Of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue work samples
Ujjiban Institute Of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue

Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue based in Kolkata offers training on Digital Still Photography, Cinematography, Acting, and Film Direction. They aim to provide education in the shortest time and minimum budget. Along with Still Digital Photography, they also offer Photojournalism, Wedding photography, Travel and Documentary Photography, Professional Portrait, and Still life for advertisement.

Address of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue

13, Sachin Mitra Lane, Shyambazar, Kolkata- 700003. (Near Manindra College)

Phone number of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue- +91 9903-9766-88/ +91 7044-0766-88/ +91 9331-2974-18

Email Id of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue contact@ujjiban.com

The course fee of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue- Fees starts from Rs. 3,500  


37. Dumdum Foto Unit


DumDum Foto Unit Members

Dumdum Foto unit since its inception, Dumdum Foto Unit has been serving for the growth of photography through its multiple activities. In the year 1973, eleven enthusiasts were determined to form the Dumdum Foto Unit. the Dumdum Foto Unit has by far organized 18 International Salons at Kolkata and 3 National Level Salons.

Address of Dumdum Foto Unit-

Registered Address: 76/C, N.N. Road, Satgachi (Near Nager Bazar), Dumdum, Kolkata- 700028

Office Address: Sreema Apt., Flat- A2, 4/1, Babutala Road, Nager Bazar, DUmdum, Kolkata- 700074

Phone number of Dumdum Foto Unit- +91-9903053457 / +91-9051236373

Email Id of Dumdum Foto Unit- fuadmin@fotounit.org / fucourse@fotounit.org / fusalon@fotounit.org / fotounit@gmail.com

The course fee at Dumdm Foto Unit- the enrollment fee at Dumdum Foto Unit is Rs. 8,000


38. Photographic Association of Dumdum


Photographic Association of Dumdum Diamond Jubilee Celebration
Photographic Association of Dumdum

The Photographic Association of Dumdum, since its inception, has been serving for photographic development and aims to propagate photography in multiple ways. It is also the lead in introducing Free Evening Photography Courses in India absolutely free of cost.

Address of Photographic Association of Dumdum- 467/40, Jessore Road, Kolkata- 700074, India.

Email Id of Photographic Association of Dumdum- biswastoshs@gmail.com

The course fee of Photographic Association of Dumdum- Fees at of Photographic Association of Dumdum would start from Rs. 8,000.

This is all the basic information that you must know if you want to pursue a career in photography. Know how to proceed and train your skills from some of the renowned photography institutions in Kolkata.


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