How I found out the best banquet halls near me

banquet halls near me

 Finding the best banquet halls near me wasn’t as easy as it sounds to be. Right from fixing the wedding date, until the journey of having the best wedding reception. I even stumbled upon plenty of hurdles on the way Eventually succeeded in finding the best banquet halls near me. To be honest, every wedding package provided by the wedding venues, either didn’t fill all my needs or turned out to be undoubtedly useless.


Moumita's Wedding Story


 Distressed and tired of finding my ways around with every option available in making my Sisters’ big day worth remembering. If I found the right banquet hall, then the decoration wasn’t. All, my fears become real with these nightmares. The struggle was real, and so was my efforts in making her wedding day the best day of her entire life! 

Major struggles that arrived on my path:

Though it’s impossible to jot down all problems at once, yet selecting banquet halls near me was quite a mind storming job. A subtle venue might have an extravagant dance floor, but that was not what I really needed at my sister’s wedding. The requirement was for a place for the wedding ceremony, and enough room for about 500 to 600 guests who were supposed to turn up on the big day. 


  • Her wedding date clashed almost everywhere

Clashing dates were the villain in our story. It is understandable that in a wedding season, there are back to back marriage dates in a month. But in my case, we faced “pre-booking Zoombies”, I don’t know if that is even a real thing or not. Grooms and brides tend to fix their wedding venue eons prior to the big day. 

No, that isn’t true but most people book that prior. If I liked a particular place or fancied to have that beautiful venue for my sister’s wedding; almost every time someone else had already booked that date. Like, we don’t even get to have a ticket to check out the party hall in the nick of time. 


Mutton Kasha


  • Parking Spot is a must

Even if the entire buffet is like a “smorgasbord”, still the Parking lot is an irreplaceable aspect at a wedding party. Not just for the arriving guests, but also for the mobility and flexibility of random tasks that can arrive at any moment. Just for example, if the pandit asks for a random article suddenly, or the decorator needs more flowers for the wedding venue.  

We went to see a few banquet halls near me and really liked it too. But I couldn’t say yes to it because the parking space was way too small. Any special event calls for lots of cars and transports, especially if your relatives would come from different parts of the city. So a hall without a parking space is a big “NO-NO”.

  • Guest Capacity is a big thing

I had a speculated number of guests drawn right in my mind. That consisted of all my family associates, friends, and relatives. The number can just be described as “Havoc” but not like Isha Ambani’s wedding in Mumbai. That number was too much for multiple local Gazebo. Though it could stuff and fill all my guests, honestly the picture wasn’t very comfortable theoretically.


  • Far away from my place

Organizing any kind of events like that of a baby shower or a bridal shower needs to have a place suitable for the family, so you can imagine the wedding scenario. And, by that, I mean to recur a location closer to the residential address. All that we were able to find, either happened to be far away from home or didn’t fall under the above criteria. Like, this isn’t favorable for neither my family nor my guests; because they would be forced to travel all the way through. 


  • Most venues do not allow outside caterers

Tie-ups and collaborations work a great deal in the wedding field. For every special occasion that asks for a banquet hall rental need, catering services are booked right away. Many Banquet halls near me either had their own catering service or had tie-ups with other catering services. In both cases, we were told that we cannot hire our own caterers to serve inside their hall. 

Either settle for their wedding package, comprising the total number of plates and decoration costs only. Or, hire their collaborating caterer who is going to take up the event.  In both instances, personal catering choices aren’t allowed inside their “perfect venue‘. 


Wedding Stage Decoration


  • Prevent Hawans & other rituals  

Now, this is quite obvious that every household has its own set of wedding rituals. Though found a perfect place with almost all conditions fulfilled, the working staff backfired immediately with their safety restrictions. By that, I mean no ritual associated with fire and water.

In Hindu weddings, fire is a really important aspect because of the custom of “havan” and other little things. Other nominal problems that banquet adire to is the allowance of certain rituals like Haldi and sangeet. These rituals are not exactly prohibited, but restricted to an extent for the mess it creates. 


banquet halls near me


  • A banquet hall without a Lawn

We had plenty of reasons, but one thing remained constant all the way through. A perfect setting with a lawn and party hall. Unfortunately, most of the banquet halls near me either had inadequate space or no lawn at all. The reason why I nagged to have a lawn was quite simple. Floating ventilation and enough room for all to enjoy the guests at the wedding ceremony comfortably. 


  • Faulty Air Conditioning or none at all

Her wedding date was in the month of June, and to be honest that is the hottest month of the year. And, without a second thought, we needed to have air conditioning in the entire reception hall. To beat such an unbearable heat, we needed to have at least air conditions in every smaller room like makeup and changing place, and five to six around the hallway. But, the ones I visited were wedding venues, it either had machines which didn’t work properly or not even there. We were told that in extreme conditions, the party hall is cooled using air coolers. We couldn’t say yes to something so uncertain! 


  • Unfriendly and uncooperative staffs

That didn’t happen with every interaction that occurred between me and the banquet halls. But, a few banquet halls near me had really rude staff. Not only did they behave in an impolite manner but also demanded unreasonable sums. We didn’t ask for a rehearsal dinner, but few places abstained to talk without the booking amount. 

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How we booked the perfect banquet hall:

It is not only about me or my sister, everyone does the same when it is about their wedding event space. In the entire process, we end up doing all the following things at least once, irrespective of all cultures, communities, and strata. 


  • Advice from “ Delhi wali Billo Mausi”

Yes, this is probably the worst thing to do. But somewhere down there, we all end up doing this involuntarily. Not that it is mostly done intentionally but families feel safer once a known relative has suggested a place. This even happened with us, when a far fetched uncle suggested their friend’s wedding hall and also their catering service. Luckily, that didn’t fall close to the banquet halls near me. 


  • Googled it without a second thought

After a disappointing experience from the relative’s advice, my sister started scrolling through Google all day long. She searched and searched for hours and hours till she got misled into manually calling the banquet halls near me from Google businesses. The thing wasn’t really useless, but we became more confused at the end of the day.


  • Got lost in the pages of Justdial

I wasn’t searching for a holiday party place, rather a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony. There, we end up visiting justdial to individually choose vendors and venues. Now, this can actually be fruitful unless it is a wedding ceremony. A wedding function requires endless worries, so finding one from these places, only makes the matter worse. Moreover, we received plenty of unnecessary calls from vendors. 



Major errors for doing that: 

Well, doing all the above actions is quite common for almost everyone. But, the pros of doing such things are;


  • Wrong/ Incorrect phone numbers

While we searched on google plenty of banquet halls near me appeared on the screen. There, we called almost all the possible places but only a few turned out to be working. Not, that the names are fake or unreliable but the numbers aren’t correctly listed by the companies. 


  • The escalated capacity of guests

After I called a few places and visited them, the real picture differed from the one I saw online. As mentioned earlier, we had more than 500 guests. The manager said that they can be accommodated inside the hall, but physically that was impossible for such a small place. The same thing happened with a few more, and then we ended up realizing the matter correctly.


  • Deceptive Pricing

Few banquet halls near me, couldn’t place a correct sum of money for renting the place. They either claimed huge amounts which were undoubtedly more for the quality; or suspiciously lower than other places. I couldn’t find a perfect figure that allowed us to verify the wedding package correctly.


  • False testimonials

After visiting a place, this part became clearer to me. Few wedding venues hire people to write false reviews on their websites or google listing. As the real image differed from the customer reviews they have earned. 


Wedding Stage decoration


How to search at ease?  

Now, we realized that the process we chose in finding the right place wasn’t working. So, we went for another plan that made the job far more easy and well applied.


  • Other Wedding Portals and websites

Last, but not least. Surfing through the wedding portals to find the best banquet halls near me. This particular action made us walk on the right path; because here we searched through places and got what we wanted. Moreover, these sites have areas for almost all sorts of vendors related to a wedding ceremony. Having so many options all at once creates a deeper dilemma, but at the end of the day, it works the best.  


  • Summarizing my priorities 

The process of elimination becomes far easier when searched with your top requirements. A list of questions and facilities that we needed to have in my sister’s wedding reception at any cost. The following are the ones, we always kept in mind; 


  • The total number of guests

Without a second thought, I made a proper guest list. Accounting all my guests and making a proper number for henceforth. The number should be accurate because with this the total number of plates and the area is calculated for a wedding reception. 


  • My pre-allocated budget 

For this, my sister made a list of her wedding priorities and ended up deciding what she really needs. Accordingly, we managed to hold a budget that consisted of all the average pricings. This is easily estimated because of a proper budget chart and wedding package. 




  • Location of the banquet hall

A place closer to my residential area, and all the surrounding landmarks that are feasible within a 15 to 20 minutes radius. The closer the banquet hall is to my house, the better it is for our whole family. 


  • Appearance as a whole

We made the top priority list associated with the banquet hall. The requirement of a lawn, and the length and width of the banquet hall. The place should definitely look good, otherwise, all the decor ideas might go in vain. 


  • My sister’s wedding Date

This undoubtedly is of the utmost priority. We cannot select a banquet hall which wasn’t free on her wedding day. So, this was a key point in the search because unless the hall is available for her wedding date; then we cannot proceed further. 


Vegetable fries


How did I manage to find the best banquet hall near me? 


We figured out pretty soon, that if her wedding ceremony needs to be on the point then we need to find another way out. Going online and taking advice from relatives only helped to understand the field better. But we kept on getting down until we realized the other way is way more simple in execution. We tried a few online wedding portals, and other wedding packages but lastly this is what we went for! 


Moumita's Wedding story


Hired Wedding Planning Company

After figuring out almost all the measures found online; we stumbled upon Camyogi. They helped us not to find the best banquet halls near me. The process became way too simple, as soon as they took up all the troubles. My sister’s desire to get the best on her day became a real thing. All we had to do was describe everything to them.  


  • A well-filtered list of Banquet halls near me

The first and the foremost thing that Camyogi helped us with was making us understand that the entire locality stretches to a large extent. Among these, we had to pinpoint our desired areas at Newtown, which is our residential place. After this simple Q&A, we received a list consisting of all the banquet halls near me that would fit the 500/600 guests I had & would fit my budget too. It can better be called a tabulation because it had a detailed juncture of all the information we needed to know about the wedding venue. We were quite vocal about our needs, and specifically received places suiting our needs and demands. We didn’t want to have a corporate event or a birthday party, so they selected places best for a  wedding ceremony. 


  • Themed Wedding Decoration

Ever since my sister got engaged, she kept on nagging about lavenders and curtains. She and her then-fiance planned to pair up the floral wedding theme. Which not only demanded an elaborate designing to their wedding attires but also to the entire banquet hall. Most of the banquet halls near me refused to have any customization in their decorations. Camyogi helped us filter only those who were open to having theme weddings. 


  • Within my provided budget

My family feared that having a wedding planner do everything for us, might increase the total estimated budget. Which fortunately wasn’t true at all. Whereas, they helped us manage and select the priorities. Getting appropriate vendors within the budget and also making my sister’s wedding the best day. We estimated everything to have everything set under 10 lakhs. Which included all the top priorities and miscellaneous investments. Whereas, they helped us manage everything with a 5-6% reduction in pricing than the original speculation. 




  • Food menu favorable to us

Special day and a beautiful venue, together they call for an amazing buffet. The problem I faced with most of the banquet halls near me, was basically about their catering allowance. As mentioned before, some of the banquet facilities involve a tied-up caterer.

That does not allow any outside caterers who might work according to their speculated packages. The planners helped me organize the best Menu along with their trained caterers. They approached only those banquet halls near me, who were comfortable with outside ones for the big day. We developed a well-personalized menu which consisted of my sister’s favorites. 

  • Proper parking space and Air conditioning

The first thing that came to my mind whenever I found a suitable reception hall; whether has the surrounding arena for parking space. By that, I mean a place that has ample room and space for holding all the associated transports in the ceremony.

This requirement is easily fulfilled, as soon as Camyogi comes into work. I received a well-filtered tubulation, which consisted of pieces of information and photographs of banquet halls near me, filling all the above criteria significantly. 


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