Latest Wedding Fashion For Men 2K19

Why??? I mean, just why? Indian men want to know! Isn’t the groom an equally important part of the wedding? Then why are we mainly concerned about the bride’s outfits and not the groom’s?       So, I have decided to dedicate this completely to all the men out there who are preparing for […]

Best wedding photographer in Kolkata

You+ Lehenga+ Best wedding photographer in Kolkata = A Fairytale!

Weddings in Kolkata are a gala affair, the bride selects the best venue, the best decoration, and hires the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. Her bridal attire is the most important outfit of her life. She safeguards her wedding dress and all the wedding memories attached to it forever. Years after the wedding a woman […]

The Best 50 Songs for Your Wedding Day

The Best 50 Songs for Your Wedding Day

It’s high time we get over ‘Dilwale dulhania le jayenge‘ as the ultimate wedding dance song. Though, I know it is really difficult to shift our hearts from the iconic song featured upon the equally iconic SRK-Kajol pair. It’s been 22 years! how long can you hold on to one song? Bollywood has evolved, you don’t want […]

Bollywood Couples and Their hush-hush Weddings

Bollywood Couples and their hush-hush Weddings

Weddings are always special to one’s heart. While there are couples who do not feel marriages to be the ultimate practical implication of their love, hence, subtly avoiding the bond of marriage. There are also couples who want to lock their loves by getting hitched. We, the nose-poking society is much curious about the big fat Indian […]

7 Big No-No photos for your Wedding!

Indian Wedding Photos not to Take! A wedding is once in a lifetime event. A wedding album is a record of that for eternity. An Indian wedding is a tale of love, emotions, festivity, family, fun, and celebrations. An Indian Wedding album is one that mirrors it all for generations to come. There is so […]


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