100+Amazing Rangoli Designs For Your Wedding Decor 2

100+Amazing Rangoli Designs For Your Wedding Decor

Rangoli designs have been a symbol of festivities and revelries in Indian households. Whatever be the reason behind the celebrations, rangoli designs have time and again proved to be a traditional constant in every Indian house. Known by various names like Kolam, Kalam, Alpana, Mandana, rangoli designs have been adding a tinge of color to […]

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 3

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping

Bridal jewellery  is something that you cannot afford to delay when you’re getting married. On the other hand,  bridal jewellery  would be consuming the lion’s share of your wedding budget. Also, today most brides-to-be think  bridal jewellery  investments are not worthy enough since they won’t be useful post-wedding. Thus, you need to make wise decisions […]

Durga Puja 2019

Agomoni Story: An Eloquent Tale of Durga as Our Daughter.

‘Agomoni’, the name itself suggests advent. The advent of Parvati to her home in rural Bengal not as a Goddess but as a daughter, as the mythology goes. Well, Agomoni also sows the seeds of the yearly Autumnal festival of Durga Puja in the hearts of every Bengali scattered through different parts of the world.  […]

wedding venues in mumbai

25 Strikingly Impressive Wedding Venues in Mumbai

Your wedding venue will be remembered forever than your wedding lehenga or jewelry! It is going to be photographed for the rest of your life, thus, you ought to be extremely careful before pinning down a  venue for your occasion. Here are 25 strikingly amazing wedding venues in Mumbai that are sure to add some […]


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