Durga Puja 2019

Agomoni Story: An Eloquent Tale of Durga as Our Daughter.

‘Agomoni’, the name itself suggests advent. The advent of Parvati to her home in rural Bengal not as a Goddess but as a daughter, as the mythology goes. Well, Agomoni also sows the seeds of the yearly Autumnal festival of Durga Puja in the hearts of every Bengali scattered through different parts of the world.  […]

wedding venues in mumbai

25 Strikingly Impressive Wedding Venues in Mumbai

Your wedding venue will be remembered forever than your wedding lehenga or jewelry! It is going to be photographed for the rest of your life, thus, you ought to be extremely careful before pinning down a  venue for your occasion. Here are 25 strikingly amazing wedding venues in Mumbai that are sure to add some […]

Drone Wedding Photography and Its Growth In Recent Times 28

Drone Wedding Photography and Its Growth In Recent Times

Photography has been developing steadily and over the past few years, this development has been in the area of ‘Drone Wedding Photography‘. A drone basically resembles a remote-controlled toy, however, using drones are fun as well as important for some over-the-top shots. Lately, the drone camera prices have reduced in sync with the supply and […]

best free photo editing software for windows 10

25 Best Wedding Album Design Software.

A good wedding album design software can help bring life to an album, highlight the picture and transform them into an incredible story. Carefully composed photographs are the best possible way to preserve the memory of your wedding day. A well-designed wedding album would allow you to relish your memories in the future like no […]


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