Best wedding photographer in Kolkata

You+ Lehenga+ Best wedding photographer in Kolkata = A Fairytale!

Weddings in Kolkata are a gala affair, the bride selects the best wedding venue, the best decoration, and hires the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. Her bridal attire is the most important outfit of her life. She safeguards her wedding dress and all the wedding memories attached to it forever. Years after the wedding a […]

The Evolution of Indian Wedding photography of Brides.

1960s to 2020 – The Evolution of Indian Wedding Photography of Brides

Just like the wedding songs that change every year and updates your playlist, it was the same for Indian wedding photography. The only difference is, Indian wedding photography evolution took more time than expected to become this perfect. Her wedding date was fixed and there was an overwhelming glee on her face. She went to […]

professional wedding photographers

12 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to your wedding no amount of preparation seems enough. So, you need some professional wedding photographers to make your day special. You find yourself sitting at the centroid of some huge cyclone and it looks like almost everything is calling for your attention. But, out of all, the most important is planning […]


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