22 tips on How To Choose Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Wedding photographer

Narrowing down on wedding photographers is not an easy task. Weddings today are grand events and wedding photography plays a crucial role in the entire experience.

You have invested enough time in searching for the best wedding venue but now for choosing your photographer, you need not wait any longer.

Here are some key tips to check before finalising your wedding photographers

The physical location of your wedding photographer 

It is important for your wedding photographers in Kolkata to have a physical location which makes it easy for you to conduct a face-to-face meeting before making the arrangements. A physical location helps you develop a certain level of trustworthiness and makes the work easier.

Identify your style

Just like both your thumbs don’t have the same prints no two couples will have the same desire when it comes to their wedding photography or videography. You might not prefer a particular trend of wedding story and that is absolutely normal. Similar to your dislikes you must be confident about your likes too in the case of capturing your beautiful moment.

Candid Wedding Photography V/S Traditional Wedding Photography- Confused?

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata


  • Candid wedding photography is spontaneous. While traditional wedding photography is usually staged.
  • The candid wedding photographers in Kolkata captures peoples’ natural emotions in a much realistic way. In the case of traditional wedding photography, a large part of the wedding is captured without missing any moment.
  • Requires a more skilled & experienced photographer to handle the technicalities.
  • Candid photography is a bit costly since candid shots are slightly difficult to shoot. Traditional Photography costs less.


Discuss their payment policy

  • While you have shortlisted your choice of wedding photographers in Kolkata do not hesitate to ask them about their wedding photography packages, payment policy cancellation and refund policies.
  • Or what would be the cost of extra services like drone photography, Live photo station or LED screens? Or what would be their take if deliverables are delayed?

What do you want from your wedding photographer?

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Do you want your wedding photographer to cover just your wedding night or mehendi and sangeet rituals too? You need to be clear about that and convey the same to your photographer for exceptional photography service.

Sevices offered by your wedding photographer

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Before diving onto anything you must have a clear idea about the entire package to make clear choices. Photographers today offer multiple components which include pre wedding or post-wedding picture, candid wedding photography, save-the-date pictures, e-invites, bridal portraits and more. When choosing a professional wedding photographer you need to keep all of it in mind.

Wedding photographer’s budget

No matter how you want to celebrate your special day– in an intimate event or an extravagant wedding you must set down on a fixed wedding budget. Setting a budget will help you streamline your expenses devoid of all unnecessary expenses. But yes remember to do a little market research to set your budget accordingly.

Schedule interviews with your shortlisted wedding photographers.

Your wedding photographer‘s potential cannot be judged simply on their online portfolio. Do not hesitate to meet at least the potential Indian wedding photographers whom you have shortlisted. Talk in length about your needs and requirements, what style you desire, the choice of your venue, your ideas and more. This would help your photographer have a clear idea and plan his work accordingly for your wedding shoot.

The wedding photographer‘s flexibility

When finalizing on a wedding photographer one of the most important things you cannot miss out is your photographer‘s flexibility and creativity to see how they can add a creative end to your wedding photo on your big day.

Find references for your wedding photographer

Depending on references for your wedding photographer is an old yet great idea. Your friends or cousins who got married or attended a wedding ceremony recently can lend you first-hand experiences of their respective photographer‘s work. This would turn much easier to shortlist a photographer.

Ask who will shoot your wedding

A lot of photographers have various photographers as staff members and there are high chances that the lead photographer might be busy on your wedding day and won’t be shooting your wedding. You should clearly know who will be shooting your wedding– the lead photographer or assistant photographers.

Destination wedding photographer

destination wedding photographer kolkata

In case you are having a destination wedding you can do two things either reach out to local photographers around your destination or go for the one who takes up destination wedding photography projects.

Comfort with your wedding photographer

It is important for you to establish a comfortable bond with your photographer for amazing wedding photography. Though reviews and comments are important your choice must not be based solely on them. Your friend or relatives can also help you in this matter. Also meeting your photographer prior to the event can help break the ice.

Wedding photographer budget

If you want your photographer to cover all your functions apart from the wedding or reception. All photographers do not come cheap and you must know their budget clearly.

Back up wedding photographer

I understand you have your mindset on your favorite photographer to cover your wedding but life does not always go as per our wishes. It could happen that the photographer you chose has some other commitments and cannot shoot your wedding. Have ample options for photographers as a backup.

The professionalism of your wedding photographer

You definitely do not want to hire a photographer whom you have to keep directing every moment, right? Your wedding photographer must understand what needs to be without any directions from you. A good photographer should be able to capture every special moment without any interruptions.

The portfolio of your wedding photographer

Curious to know how this is relevant in choosing your wedding photographer? Well, it is. You definitely do not want to hire a photographer who shares only a few selected images from each wedding or a few bridal portraits for his portfolio, rather you would go for the one who have a few individual weddings in his/her portfolio.

How consistent is your wedding photographer?

This comes across as one of the most ignored aspects while shortlisting a photographer. Wedding portrait are undoubtedly mesmerizing but if there is no consistency in the quality of pictures, for instance, the wedding day and the pre-wedding events, the entire cause of the photography is lost. Also, you must notice how your photographer‘s pictures turn out to be for day and night events capturing all special moments.

Reach out your wedding photographer personally

Don’t think twice before reaching out to your photographer with your preferences and budget. There are a lot of couples who would not share enough details with their photographer on the initial meeting or conversation but that is not what you should do. Share your ideas and excitement on the very first conversation with your wedding photographer.

You can drop a mail simply keeping it formal yet casual. But remember to make your mail special for your photographer who otherwise takes up only a limited number of wedding assignments, rice ceremony or event photography in a month or year.

Again, if you have zeroed on one photographer make sure you inform the same to those whom you had shortlisted and had a talk with.

Don’t let social platforms fool you 

Remember, you can do your research on social media but don’t let the bengali wedding photography results fool you. The number of Facebook likes is never proportional to your wedding photographer‘s potential.

What about the post-production details

You know that your top wedding photographer‘s work stands beyond your wedding day. Working with large and high-quality files, it would take at least 5-7 weeks (post your wedding) to prepare your wedding album and film.

For clear ideas, you should proceed with asking the few questions-

  • How many images would be delivered?
  • What would be the duration of the wedding videography or the quality of your wedding videography?
  • What would be the resolution of the wedding photograph and bridal portraits?
  • How many albums would be provided? And many more

Signing the contract with your wedding photographer

Last but not the least, always remember to seal the deal with a contract. Whatever be the terms and conditions, they should be written and signed by both parties. This would reduce a lot of misunderstandings between your professional photographer and ensure smooth delivery of your wedding photography service.

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