Wedding photography in Kolkata

Is Your Wedding Photographer in Kolkata Right for You?


Before getting started, congratulations!

As your D-day is approaching, you are probably already sitting amidst the humdrum of getting everything right. However, don’t you want to capture all those little moments of joy among the overwhelming chaos of excitement?

Unique wedding photography in Kolkata
Capture the beautiful moments of togetherness!

This wedding season you deserve nothing less than the best wedding photographer in Kolkata to click for you.

So, have hired or booked for a photographer already?

Then you are just 1 step away to know if your photographer is right for you or not!

But how will know if he or she is the right one?

Here goes the simple solution –

Just have to ask few pro-questions to confirm if you have selected the right photographer or not.

Why is it important to ask these questions?

Look at this survey below –

In 2016 a local survey was done in Kolkata considering how many brides and grooms were happy with their photographers. Only 40% of the couple said they were happy.

Indeed this is not a good enough percentage and the most common reason for this mishap is that they did not know about the profile of the photographer well.

Hence, by asking these questions, you can save yourself from committing the disaster of choosing the wrong photographer!

See the point now?

Things to ask for candid wedding photography in Kolkata

What’s the plan?

Talk it out. Know about the way they are planning to shoot. There team, lights and requirements. Also, ask about what will they get and what are the things that you need to provide. These are the first and the basic step of choosing the  best wedding photographer in Kolkata.

Professional wedding photographer in Kolkata
Plan your wedding pictures with a professional…

What is the work experience of the wedding photographer?

You need to know his/ her years of experience. Why?

Simple reason, this will give you an idea of the uniqueness and creativity of his work. Moreover, more the experience better will be the work behind the lens!

Best wedding photography in KolkataSome pre-work to show!

Again, this to have an idea. If you know every photographer has his/ her own trademark in capturing the moments. If you look at the work from beforehand, you will know how the clicks will be and there will be a chance of giving your own input.

Tip – 90% of the brides have a pre-set idea about how they want their wedding pictures to look as they do a lot of research. You might have similar requirements, so don’t forget to share it!

A quick suggestion for the to-be-wed couple – Candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, it always works better.

candid wedding photography in Kolkata
Be the beautiful candid bride..

What is the package?

Let’s be honest, every wedding has a budget and you would like to stick to it. Most of the professional photographers will give you wedding photography packages in Kolkata.

What can you expect in the package?

– All the digital pictures

– Editing

– Photo album

You can customise the package as per your choice as well.

Also, once you get all the digital photographs, you can edit the digital photographs by using some simple software as well.

Pre-wedding shoot packages in Kolkata
Make your pre-wedding shoot unique and beautiful!

When will they deliver the work?

This is again every couple’s concern. It is obvious for you to become excited to see the pictures and your photographers should understand it as well. In general, it takes around 15-30 days for a photographer to deliver the work.

Also fix on the page design, how many pictures should go in one page and what should be the final look. With professional wedding photographer you can get some great themes and design for the photo album.

After all, it is your wedding album, do make it look great!

Do they have any extra ideas to give?

You are already excited about your wedding and a hundred ideas are shooting across your mind, right? Happens to all. So, why don’t you ask for some suggestions?

Like what?

– Is your photographer going to click only solo and couple photographs?

– Will there be enough capture of the décor?

– How are they going to shoot the family?

– Will there be pictures of the guests with the bride and groom?

Family wedding photography in Kolkata
Capture your big day’s happiness with your family!

Now that you know quite a lot, you simply need to ask these and seal the deal and you will have the best professional wedding photographers in Kolkata for your wedding day.

Have a happy wedding!