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1. What is CamYogi?

CamYogi is platform where you can hire professional photographers according to your budget, event date, and occasion.

2. How CamYogi Works?

Visitors book photographers according to their budget, event, and availability. For a detailed understanding, visit our How it Works page.

3. How do I book a photographer?

Search photographers by your event date, type, and budget. Check profiles to see photographer’s portfolios and type of albums you would receive. Then send a booking request to your desired photographer.

4. When would the photographer confirm my booking?

On average, booking confirmation takes a couple of hours. Based on the time of your booking, it might vary.

5. What if the photographer doesn’t accept my booking?

In that case, you can opt for other available photographers on CamYogi. You will have to pay the difference or get a refund depending on your next booking.

6. In case of photographer cancellation, how do I get my refund?

If the photographer cancels and you do not want to hire anyone else on CamYogi, you will get a full refund.

7. Do you accept booking in my area?

We accept bookings within the city limit of all the locations mentioned on our website.

8. When should I meet the photographer?

You can fix a meeting with your photographer after booking confirmation.

9. How do I set up a meeting with the photographer?

Once booking is confirmed, you can view the contact details of the photographer. We encourage you to call a photographer and fix up a meeting, if possible at the event location.

10. When would photographer visit me?

Once the photographer confirms the booking, you can decide on the time of visit for the event during your meeting.

11. How long would photographer stay at the event?

The photographer will shoot at the event for a maximum of 8 hours.

12. What equipment would photographer use?

You will be able to view the photographer’s equipments on his dashboard during your selection process.

13. Can I change the date after booking?

No, you cannot change dates after booking since photographer’s availability must be considered.

14. Can I cancel my booking?

For a detailed understanding of our cancellation and refund policies, click here.

15. How would I choose the images I need for my photo album?

After your event, you will be able to see and select the digital copies of the images and can select the ones you want for your album.

16. When would I receive my photo album?

During your photographer selection, you would be able to see the album delivery time of each photographer.