1960s to 2018 – The Evolution of Indian Wedding photography of Brides.

Her wedding date was final and there was an overwhelming glee on her face. She went to her parent’s room and took out there wedding album… The saree, jewelry, the food and so many people, all looks like exactly what she desired for her wedding… except 1 thing. The photography!

And her feeling was the same when she saw the wedding album of her grandmother.

Just like the wedding songs that change every year and updates your playlist, it was the same for photography. The only difference is, wedding photography evolution took more time than expected to become this perfect.

Was the previous wedding photography bad?

NO! It was not bad but different. If there had been a different-o-meter to check how different it was, then you might have a clearer idea.

For now, read here about the differences that I have pointed out.

 How different was Indian bride photography?

Over the years, the maximum changes that took place in India wedding are the photography style. There has been a great transformation from vintage and monochrome to candid and contemporary.

Here, have an overview of the bride photography over the years.

The 1960s


Brides in any year and era are beautiful. However, the pictures were clicked to put extra focus on the concept that “Brides are shy”. The poses were really petite and the attire had a complete touch of ‘excess and exaggeration’ in accessories, makeup and more.

The 1970s

Little better pictures started appearing at this time with higher quality and of course, the extra red tinge was gone. This made the photographs look much better.

1970 Bride

The 1980s

This time Indian Cinema had a toll on the audience and people were mostly focusing on improving picture quality.
1980 Bride

Also, at this time, the Indian Cinema made a great impact on the audience; as a result of the brides too were focusing on getting attires that resembled the stars of that time.

You can see this on the images that were published on the Indian stamps focusing on the brides.

The 1990s

1990 bride

The edgy modernity in the dress, makeup and brides has started falling in place and so in the photography. The style standard has spiked up and so did photography. Since then, wedding photography emerged as a real profession and bridal portraits were high on demand.

The only thing that did not change was the poses. Those were still flashy and forced to put emphasis on the femininity of brides and masculine charm of men.

2000 – 2005 

This was another epic change time when designers and designing the wedding were captivating the market. At this time the designer theme and dresses were available to the middle class as were and were not limited. Hence, the trend of photography also had to alter.

It is when brides were opening up about their photographic demands. The standard of brides beauty was no more enclosed in the ‘forced poses’; rather, there was more of a quirky turn in them.

2005 – 2010


The era of modernity has already hit the market and the photographers are setting impeccable photographic trends. Who is at a winning side with all these? The beautiful bride!

With concepts incorporated in photography and the art of candid taking its way to the hall of fame. Brides are too coming up with great ideas and every year there is something or the other NEW-ness in Indian wedding photography taking over.

Coming to poses – as the attires became more fun and easy to wear/ carry, so did the poses emerged as bold and beautiful. ‘Shy brides’ became a thing of past.

2011- 2018

an autumn story 1

What happened during these years? Photography took a new turn with social media becoming the biggest hit in everyone’s life. No, it is not that social media was not there before, but as everything has a revolutionary start, this was the era for social media.

Social media gave a new turn to Indian wedding photography as it is now A-Must part in your marriage.

Now for brides, there is pre-wedding shoot, bridal photography, candid, couple and so many more. All the photographs now have excellently thought theme as well as props to make it look complete.

Here are some of the evolved wedding photographs of brides!

Why is wedding photography changing? 

Indian wedding photography or the bridal photography is now more renowned and recognized as Candid Photography is taking acquiring considerable space in people’s life.

The question is – what led to this development?

If you take a deeper look, there are several aspects that have led to this change. Here, have a thorough look at it!

  • Economy

Indian economy saw bloom sometime after liberalization. Presently, the Indians have money, companies, standard, education, good school, and jobs. All these were leading to a good lifestyle and disposable income. This gives them the means to travel both in and outside of India exposing them to further globalization.

It is when Indians get an overview of the fact that how important the wedding culture is all over the world and why they should emphasis on the creativity of it? This marked the importance of capturing the moments not only by simplistic means but by an extravaganza of creativity.

  • Concepts

As mentioned in the above points that now the Indians were traveling outside of the country and adopting new ideas leading to modern concepts. Suddenly, the Indian market started to demand new and fresh concepts which were more than just plain blunt photography.

It was the time when the idea of using filters started and the typical traditional photography started to take a back and the emergence of Candid Wedding Photography started.

  • The demand of artsy videos

Videos were not to stay back in the league. Now, people have an idea regarding the kind of editing they are looking for and how the lighting, theme and other aspects of videos would look.

  • Increase in Bridal Photography demand

Let’s be honest, most of the girl has a lot of expectation about how they are going to look on their wedding day. However, the standards have been set by high-budget Bollywood movies and of course the brilliant designers.

People really invest in wedding especially for the bride, her attire, jewelry, makeup and more.

When you put on your best, you do look for someone to capture the moment for you to remember and cherish forever! Here they want someone experienced, creative and good editing of bridal photographs.

This made it quite possible for people who have a passion for photography to pursue it as a career as the demand was high and the pay was good.

In 2015, as per the survey, more than 40% of the youth has shown interest in photography and among them at least 70% has given a shot to take it up a career. The success rate was high too.

What called for this evolution?

In short, this new bridal photography trend from 2000 can be called as an evolution in this field. Was it just because of photographer and their advanced equipment? NO! It rather involves:

  1. Talent – A talented artist with patience, skill, dedication and diverse knowledge in technicalities of photography.
  2. Team – Team
    Is it possible for 1 to handle it all? No. As the wedding and bridal portraits were raging, there were many available to make a team or assist one who is already established in this field. Many more such talented skilled people discussed in point 1 above. Yes, we may call such a collection as a photography team.
  3. Album –
    Making a good photo album became a necessity and the modern edge photographers do provide that.
    The old style photo album uses to hardly last 10-12 years; whereas, the new era photo album will stay forever. This advancement was much needed.
  1. Understanding Client’s requirement –
    Every bride has a theme and idea in mind which they want to present in the photographs. Understanding it and delivering the same requires a lot of market research, as well as exposure and the photographers, started doing it all!
  2. Quick Work –
    quick work
    Previously, it used to take months before your wedding album would be delivered, but it is not the same anymore. They deliver it quite fast (this depends on the photographer to photographer. As per my knowledge, they give it within 15 to 20 days.)

These are the things that I have learned about the evolution of Bridal photography, do you know more?