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Tony Basak 1

Tony Basak

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 31
Writaban Mallick 2

Writaban Mallick

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 32
Tusharsubhra Samaddar 3

Tusharsubhra Samaddar

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 33
Supriya Ghosal 4

Supriya Ghosal

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 34
Suman Sil 5

Suman Sil

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 35
Sugata Sarkar 6

Sugata Sarkar

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 36
Subhanjan Chakraborty 7

Subhanjan Chakraborty

Wedding Photography In India 37
Shiladitya Basu 8

Shiladitya Basu

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 38
Saurish Basu 9

Saurish Basu

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 39
Featured Ridhina Chanda 10

Ridhina Chanda

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 40
Prithwish Nath 11

Prithwish Nath

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 41
Nilakhya Bhattacharya 12

Nilakhya Bhattacharya

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 42
Mitrajit Chowdhury 13

Mitrajit Chowdhury

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 43
Manish Paswan 14

Manish Paswan

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 44
Laboni Sarkar 15

Laboni Sarkar

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 45
Kushal Modak 16

Kushal Modak

Wedding Photography In India 46
Koushik Kundu 17

Koushik Kundu

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 47
Himadri Mondal 18

Himadri Mondal

Wedding Photography In India 48
Dhrubajyoti Naskar 19

Dhrubajyoti Naskar

Wedding Photography In India 49
Aayan Chakraborty 20

Aayan Chakraborty

Wedding Photography In India 50
Avijit Roy Chowdhury 21

Avijit Roy Chowdhury

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 51
Arnab Dutta 22

Arnab Dutta

Wedding Photography In India 52
Anindya Karmakar 23

Anindya Karmakar

Wedding Photography In India 53
Amit Kumar Dutta 24

Amit Kumar Dutta

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 54
Amar Banerjee 25

Amar Banerjee

  • 4
Wedding Photography In India 55
Featured Priyadarshi Choudhury 26

Priyadarshi Choudhury

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 56
Featured Udit Sen 27

Udit Sen

  • 3
Wedding Photography In India 57

CamYogi offers you the ease of searching for the best Wedding Photography In India. As one of the best photography websites in India, you be sure to see photographers with years of experience and immense skill to capture the perfect moments in their lenses. You can get all of these and even more at a flexible budget at CamYogi.

Search for your perfect wedding photographer now!

Find famous wedding photographers in India at your own budget. Set the price range and view the profile of your selected photographer. You will get to see their years of experience, awards, events they cover, how long they will shoot for 1 slot and their gallery. You can have better idea regarding the photographer’s previous works, style of photography, type of editing and more.

Wedding Photography in India

You can search for photographers as per category. There are famous photographers in India who will cover every occasion with utmost precision and present it to you for cherishing it throughout your life.
There are photographers available for fashion photography as well.

How much do top photographers in India charge for an event?

Top wedding photographers in India have multiple charges. It depends on the event and as per your budget as well. For small occasions, like newborn photography or an inauguration event, it can start from Rs. 5000. For bigger occasions like wedding, it starts from Rs. 15,000.

How early should I book famous photographers in India for an event?

The wedding photographers will take the booking as per availability. It is suggested to do the bookings at least 1 month prior to the occasion.

Why CamYogi is better than other photography websites in India?

CamYogi provides complete convenience to our customers. We provide both basic and customized package without any hidden cost. Moreover, in the shown price it includes 1 day photoshoot, 1 photo album, DVD/ CD of all the digital photographs and editing as well.

How will the search for the best photographer in India?

You can set your search with price range, category and occasion. Once done, you will get to view the profile of the photographer, check their details, experience, awards, equipment and gallery of their previous work. If all of it suits you, then you can book the photographer.

Pay For Photography & Get More!

The price quoted for Wedding Photography In India includes a wedding photo album, digital photographs and free editing as well. For all of these, you will not have to pay anything extra.

Along with what the wedding photographer has to offer, you have a chance for customization as well.

On Time Delivery Of Album

After every event, people are excited to see the photographs and we understand it very well. This is why; the photographers will surely deliver the album within 20- 25 days of the event.

Photographer’s Availability

You will never be disappointed by the best photographers here. You can book them as per availability which you can see online in their calendars.
Search for the top photographers in India soon!

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