There is always so much hungama about the bride in the Indian weddings. Even rituals seem to be a lot more in a bride’s home than that of the groom. The bride and groom make the wedding and it’s unfair that only the bride gets all the attention.
 groom wedding photography
So, I decided to put this post together which will focus only on the groom.  Are you thinking, what’s there to focus on the groom, it’s the same old boring stuff. No my dear friend, the Indian Groom of today has evolved a lot and is uber cool compared to his counterpart few decades ago.

How much has the Indian groom changed? A lot!

Simple traditional dressing is overtaken by lavish royal dressing. This is just the beginning. Ornaments and accessories are now bolder, richer and sometimes even designer. The Indian groom of the 80’s or 90’s probably slept through the night before the wedding. Not the Indian groom of the 2000’s. He has bachelor bashes that are nothing short of a Bollywood extravaganza!

In all, the Indian grooms today give stiff competition to the brides as far as the wedding rituals, preparations or photography goes.

A wedding album is there with you much longer after the madness of an Indian wedding subsides. You would want to revisit those wonderful moments before, during and after the wedding once you settle down to normal life.

Do not hesitate to be equally seen along with the bride in your wedding photographs. Buddy, you make half of the relationship and half of the wedding. The least you can do is show up in half of the album.

Here are some must have pictures of you as an Indian groom in your wedding album.

Haldi and Mehndi

groom haldi ceremony

Almost all Indian weddings or let’s say Hindu weddings have thehaldi and mehndi rituals; even on the groom’s side. You would be surprised how much fun these pictures would be in your album. Instead of shunning it away as a simple ritual, rejoice in these two important rituals. Important from a wedding point of view as these rituals sort of declare the beginning of it. Important from a photography point of view, as these rituals offer a series of rich picture to capture. The bright haldi, the really dark green of the mehndi, the assorted flowers, the diyas, all these offer great scope for really good wedding photography.

These two rituals also offer lot of fun moments with your side of the family. Moments that will speak stories even after long. Be sure to be your naughtiest best and let the photographer capture these images for good.

Yaar di Shaadi

The Indian groom’s wedding story is absolutely incomplete without his yaars or friends. The teasing, fun, tips about marriage, tips to avoid wife in a tricky situation, tips about when to say yes and no, oh the list is endless when it comes to the topics of conversation between the groom and his friends. Needless to say all this means a lot of laughter and lightness. A perfect backdrop for some really candid pictures!

Do mention to your photographer the really close and dear friends you have in the group. It will mean a world to you to see a picture of you with your best bud during your wedding after years pass by.

Bachelor Party

bachelor party

Another brilliant part of your pre wedding time that will offer wonderful pictures to shoot for your photographer. Do not hesitate to share the theme of the party, the naughty cake (if it happens to be there) or any other things you have planned as a groom for your friends, with your photographer. You will be happy to show how cool a dude you are to your future kids too.

Get your best friend to read this post. He has a role to play too.

Any surprises you as the best friend are planning for the groom, has to be captured. So befriend the photographer and make sure that surprised look on your groom friend is preserved for generations to come.

Wedding Trousseau

groom wedding dress

The Indian groom’s wedding wardrobe is no less than that of the bride’s. If the bride has a super expensive hand woven kanjeevaram to show off, then the groom has an equally rich sherwani to show off. If the bride has her solahshringar, the groom is not far behind.

The pagdi or the sarpech, finger ring, watches (even Rolex sometimes), the motikahaar or some fine jewellery (Tanishq advertises platinum jewellery for men too!), the cufflinks, the jooti and so on goes the list of the groom’s wedding trousseau.

Make sure your photographer captures your pictures adorning all these fine elements. Candid shots of just these elements with a good back drop or in good light conditions will make wonderful pictures to see.

Pappa’s Son

wedding family photography

A father is proud about his son’s wedding. It is a very happy occasion. May be there will not be any tears as in a bride’s case but nevertheless the groom’s father is equally emotional.

Get some alone time with your dad and get your photographer to shoot it. It’s a man to man connection, you see.

Better still, get your dad to help you dress, which he will happily oblige and get pictures taken. May be while he puts the pagdi on or helps you adjust the sherwani, there are so many ways to do this.

Darling I am Here

Just like his western counterpart, the Indian groom also waits for his bride. It is a moment of anticipation even if you have dated the dame for a decade. In a way, the look on your face that time is poetic. Instruct your photographer not to miss these moments.

You can always prove to her later on that officially you have proof of waiting, if not anything.

The list doesn’t stop here. As a groom you have the baraat moments, the var mala moment, the meeting the in-laws moment and so on. What you need to do is to help your photographer understand all that needs to be captured. Once he/she gets an essence of it, let go of it and enjoy your wedding.