100+Amazing Rangoli Designs For Your Wedding Decor

100+Amazing Rangoli Designs For Your Wedding Decor 1

Rangoli designs have been a symbol of festivities and revelries in Indian households. Whatever be the reason behind the celebrations, rangoli designs have time and again proved to be a traditional constant in every Indian house.

Known by various names like Kolam, Kalam, Alpana, Mandana, rangoli designs have been adding a tinge of color to your celebrations. Be it your wedding, festivals, birthdays, there are some beautiful rangoli designs to accentuate the essence of every occasion.

When talking about wedding decorations, there are a variety of mesmerizing rangoli designs deck up your wedding venue

Here we have a bunch of traditionally aesthetic rangoli design images that are sure to blow your mind which you can use for any occasion.

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Flower Rangoli Design

Floral rangoli design

Floral rangoli designgetweddinginspo

Flowers and rangoli go hand-in-hand. While searching for rangoli designs, you will definitely come across a variety of floral rangoli designs. You can either design it as an ingredient or as a motif. Get swooped by these amazing flower rangoli designs.

 Dots Rangoli Design

Dots rangoli design

Dots rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Had you ever thought dots could be so soothing to see? Have a look at this super soothing dots rangoli design.

Intricate Rangoli Design

Intricate rangoli designexquisite_creative

Intricate rangoli designkshitijachipkar

Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock rangoli designrangoli_designsss

Peacock rangoli designsupavrushh

The peacock signifies royalty and is a frequent motif at Indian weddings. At Indian weddings, the peacock is considered to be an auspicious motif.  The vibrant peacock rangoli design with the peacock moving to the center stage makes the design more subtle. There are numerous peacock rangoli designs to choose from.

Chukki Rangoli Design

Chukki rangoli design

Chukki rangoli designrangoli_by_revathi

Star Rangoli Design

Star rangoli design

Star rangoli designs2kolangal

A patent of South Indian weddings, the star rangoli design inculcates various geometric shapes resembling the appearance of a deities trident. You can obviously adapt some amount of personalization by incorporating the couple’s name in it.

Handcrafted Rangoli Design

Handcrafted Rangoli Design

Handcrafted Rangoli Designartificial_rangoli_toran

Rangoli making is an arduous task. It requires an ample amount of precision to give your artistic skills a new meaning. Even a moment’s glitch is enough to ruin your hard work. Instead of regular flower and powder rangoli, you can opt for handcrafted rangoli designs. The best part of it is that it can be reused for over a longer period of time.

Beginners’ Rangoli Design

Beginners rangoli designrangoli_sarita

Beginners rangoli designmyhandyart

If you’re a beginner at rangoli making then you try making the flower and leaf motif rangoli. You can use your choice of colors and patterns for making the beginners’ rangoli designs. The entire idea behind the beginners’ rangoli is to bring out the creativity of a person. You can enhance the overall look of the rangoli by placing diyas around it.

Multi-colored Rangoli Design

Multi-colored rangoli design

Multi-colored rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Bright & Beautiful Rangoli Design

Bright & beautiful rangoli design

Bright & beautiful rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

This resplendent bright and beautiful rangoli design gives the appearance of bright hues. by using colors like red, pink, yellow and orange, the rangoli design looks much more appealing to the eyes. Add more charm to your bright and beautiful rangoli design by placing diyas around it.

Ganesha Rangoli Design

Ganesha rangoli designsparkled_firefly

Ganesha rangoli design_rangoli_love_

Lord Ganesh is referred to as the pratam pujay god. During the wedding, the first card is placed before him inviting him to the auspicious occasion. Add auspiciousness to the occasion by getting a lord Ganesh themed rangoli made at the wedding venue. Here one Ganesh rangoli design has been made with bright colors and the other one has been made by cereals (dal, rice, etc).

Welcome Rangoli Design

Welcome rangoli designbijendra_sharma28

Welcome rangoli designsurabhi_nigam

Looking for rangoli with designs of the welcome on it? Spice up the wedding festivities as you give the welcome rangoli design a try. The blend of colors with the addition of other personalized elements give an ethnic vibe to the rangoli design.

Pixel Art Rangoli Design

Pixel art rangoli designkolam.shanthisridharan

Pixel art rangoli designrangolibytj

In the social media-dominated era, what is a rangoli design that is not insta worthy? Wedding is a joyous occasion, spice up the festivities by adding vibrant colors to it with this pixel art rangoli design.

Lotus Motif Rangoli Design

Lotus motif rangolisujascreativecollections

Lotus motif rangoli designartist_cva

Counted as one of the most traditional rangoli designs, Lotus motif rangoli designis a pretty choice and is a perfect one for welcoming guests at the venue. Heighten the beauty of the lotus rangoli design by placing diyas all around it.

Paisley Rangoli Design

Paisley rangoli designnot_just_doodle

Paisley rangoli designvarsha_artsandcraft

Its that time of the year again when you illuminate the homes with diyas and lights. With the festival of round the corner, you must be looking for a rangoli perfect for the occasion. Gleaming paisley is the best choice. Spruce up the look of it with the placement of diyas around it.

Glistening Blossoms Rangoli Design

Glistening blossoms rangoli designpallavi.swami.560

Glistening blossoms rangoli designkolamaavu_kanmani

Sparkle up your occasion with glistening blossom rangoli design. The flower and leaf pattern rangoli design accentuates the overall look and puts an end to your search for rangoli designs.

Artistic Rangoli Design

Artistic rangoli designvarnika_art_gallery

Artistic rangoli design

Channelize the hidden artist in you and give a twist to your usual rangoli designs with these artistic rangoli designs.

Maze Rangoli Design

Maze rangoli designekantha_devi_crafts

Simplicity has its own charm. You simply cannot resist the alluring charm of this beautiful mesh rangoli design. The blue color pops out creating a 3D effect while overall the rangoli creates a maze effect. Put an end to your quest for rangoli designs in simple patterns by opting this maze rangoli design.

Pongal Rangoli Design

Pongal rangoli designB7S8j0Hlppm

Pongal rangoli designjust_not_rangoli

Pongal is an auspicious time of festivity. And as rangoli is equally an auspicious part of festivities, combining the two gives a much better rangoli design.

Kolam Rangoli Design

Kolam rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Kolam rangoli designcaptureaspassion

Kolams and rangoli are auspicious elements going hand in hand. Kolam rangoli designs are an integrated part of South Indian households.

Easy Rangoli Design

Easy rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Easy rangoli designcreativerangoliart

Not all of us are brilliant artists, moreover rangoli designs are tricky enough as a minor glitch is sure to screw up the entire thing. Thus, to help you are, here are some of the easy rangoli designs that anyone can try.

Diwali Rangoli Design

Diwali rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Diwali rangoli designarts___lover

How can you miss rangoli at Diwali? Rangoli plays a very significant part of Diwali. Try out these super easy Diwali rangoli designs.

Diya Rangoli Design

Diya rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Diya rangoli designradiantrangoli

Flower and colors rangoli is a common design. If you are looking for rangoli with designs that are offbeat yet look traditional than give the Diya rangoli design a try. The Diya rangoli design with its Diya and elaborate design is a blend of modernity and traditions.

Artistic peacock rangoli design

Artistic peacock rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Artistic peacock rangoli designlearner_of_art.7

Peacocks are auspicious elements, how about adding a touch of artistry to it and create amazing artistic peacock rangoli designs.

Swan Rangoli Design

Swan rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Swan rangoli designthalassophileme

Same goes for the swans, you can replace the peacock with the swan and other personalized elements for amazing swan rangoli designs.

Flower Design Rangoli

Flower design rangoli

Flower design rangolirangoli_by_menaka

Flowers and rangoli are inseparable. Create a flower with flowers or rangoli powder and you’re all set.

Border Rangoli Design

Border rangoli designrangoli_by_menaka

Border rangoli designfun_with_rangoli

Rangoli designs are tricky to be made as we all know. Hence, it would be easier if you make a border first and then proceed to the insides. This would help you make easy rangoli designs and would also create a new type.

Simple Rangoli Designs with dots 

Simple rangoli design with dots rangoli_by_menaka

Simple rangoli design with dots rangoli_by_menaka

A simple rangoli design is what you need to have to maintain the essence of your occasion. Choose simple designs like the ones shown.

Leaf Rangoli Designs

Leaf rangoli designart_knack_by_aditi

Leaf rangoli designrangolistan

Be it a wedding or any festivity a betal leaf is considered auspicious for an occasion. Why not then rope in the auspiciousness of the betal leaf in your rangoli. This betal leaf rangoli with its color scheme and center floral motif along with the lotus topper is what makes the design beautiful.

Innovative Rangoli Designs

Innovative rangoli designfun_with_rangoli


Innovative rangoli designrangolistan

Break the tradition with innovative rangoli designs. It’s high time that we get over circular rangoli deisgns or peacock rangoli designs and come up with something new.

Easy & Colorful Rangoli Designs

Easy & Colorful rangoli designfun_with_rangoli

Easy & Colorful rangoli designmyhandyart

Circles are easy to make as compared to other geometric shapes. So if you are a novice in rangoli making, consider creating rangoli designs in circles. Choose easy designs in circles splashed with colors to make an easy and colorful rangoli design.

Circular Rangoli Designs

Circular rangoli designfun_with_rangoli

Circular rangoli designshivaank_hobby

If you are not satisfied with all the easy rangoli designs, then here we are with the detailed circular rangoli. This intricately made rangoli design can add tones of charm to your Diwali and wedding too!

White based Rangoli Designs

White base rangoli design

White base rangoli designfun_with_rangoli

White is the most convenient color, if you can’t decide on any other color, go for white. White matches with any color and creates a great balance. So, a white-based rangoli design would be nothing short of beauty.

Unique Rangoli Designs

Unique rangoli designcreative_world_loveforart

Unique rangoli designfun_with_rangoli

Choose some unique designs for rangoli this festive season with mix and matching hues and also go for some unique rangoli designs to stand out of the crowd.

Peacock & Lotus Motif Rangoli Designs

Peacock & Lotus motif rangoli designBs0rsVlH8kD


Peacock & Lotus motif rangoli designcreative_world_loveforart

The lotus is an extremely traditional design. Here, combining it with a peacock design, shading, and lines, it has made to look quite contemporary. It can be personalized by adding your own choice of flowers to the design and add to the color. It is a good look for welcoming the guests into the venue.

Lord Krishna Rangoli Designs

Lord Krishna rangoli designrangoli_designs


Indian households believe in making deity impressions as their rangoli designs. A patent design of them is of Lord Krishna. Have a look at these Lord Krishna rangoli designs. Be sure to be a pro before you can precisely make a Lord Krishna rangoli design.

Cartoon Rangoli Designs

Cartoon rangoli designrangoli_design

Cartoon rangoli design22__ssswatiii__04

Cartoon rangoli designs are offbeat and sure to break the monotony of popular rangoli designs. If you are a child at heart, cartoon rangoli designs are exactly what you should be making this time.

Om Rangoli Design

Om rangoli designrangolidesigns7

Om Rangoli Design

Add aesthetics and a religious vibe to your rangoli design as you opt for an Om rangoli. Sparkle up the rangoli by surrounding the patterns with diyas. The rangoli design is perfect for Diwali and weddings.

Colorful Flower Rangoli Designs

Colorful flower rangoli designrangoli_designsss

Colorful flower rangoli designindiartomania7

Flower designs are the easiest and the most convenient thing to be made. Rangoli design is to play with colors and a merge of colors and a flower design would be a great thing to be done. Have a look at these colorful flower rangoli designs and decide your choice.

Mandala Design Rangoli 

Mandala rangoli design

Mandala rangoli designmac_creates

The intricate high and low patterns paired with swirling designs in contrasting hues is what make this mandala rangoli design beautiful. Place diyas around this rangoli design to give it a traditional look.

Extended Mandala Design Rangoli

Extended mandala design rangolitypemandi

Well, just another extension of the regular mandala design rangoli with vibrant colors and textures. Decorate with diyas and flowers.

Ganpati Rangoli Designs

Minimized Ganpati rangoli designtheamaayaofficial

Minimized Ganpati rangoli designswachandimaan

Do you see the minimized Ganpati hidden within the larger rangoli? Yes, that’s the minimised rangoli design. Hide a mini version of Ganpati among other designs.

Doodled Rangoli Designs

Doodled rangoli designtheamaayaofficial

Doodled rangoli designswachandimaan

All of you must have done some doodling in your school life. This rangoli design reminds us of all the doodling done back in your childhood. The swirls and curves have a simple and sweet charm.

Creative Rangoli Design

Creative rangoli design

Creative rangoli designankis_rangoli

What a lovely piece of art that is, mesmerizing creativity with a splash of colors and auspicious peacock and leaf motifs. You can very well try these creative rangoli designs at your wedding or other special occasions.

Giant Rangoli Design

Giant rangoli designnir_prod

Giant rangoli design c_we_in_me

Usually covering up a wider space, giant rangoli designs can be made at the center of the house or venue (wherever you are making the rangoli) and be prepared to amaze your guests.

Circular Motion Rangoli Designs

Circular motion rangoli designmagical_th0ughts

Circular motion rangoli designshivaank_hobby

Not necessarily a circular design but a design that gives a circular illusion. Keep extending your rangoli design to the outwards in a circular motion to create this type of rangoli design.

Rangoli Design with diyas

Rangoli design with diyasrnggvlli

Rangoli design with diyasaksha1743

This rangoli design incorporates Diya in every part of the design. Understanding this rangoli design at one go might not be an easy task but once you do, you cannot but appreciate it.

Rainbow Rangoli Design

Rainbow rangoli designarworks01

Rainbow rangoli designat_art_page

How beautiful does a rainbow look after a soothing rain? Beautiful, right? How about bringing the same essence of rainbow into your rangoli design? Whatever design it be, throw in a plethora of colors and create a rainbow rangoli design.

Radiant Rangoli Design

Radiant rangoli designradiantrangoli

Radiant rangoli design

A properly decorated rangoli design illuminates the entire surrounding area. That is what exactly a radiant rangoli design does. It is made with multiple bright colors in unique rangoli designs.

Lead The Way Rangoli Design

Lead the way rangoli design

Lead the way rangoli designradiantrangoli

Not just the venue of the main function, but you can decorate the entire path leading to the main venue, so that your guests know exactly where to go.

Peacock & Diya Rangoli Design

Peacock & Diya Rangoli Design

Peacock & Diya Rangoli Designradiantrangoli

Both peacock and diya are significant elements in Indian households. How about creating a rangoli design with a blend of both like these peacock and diya rangoli designs

Tri-colored rangoli design

Tri-colored rangoli designpayal.tripathi


Tri-colored rangoli designtherangolihouse

We don’t need to explain the significance of a Tri-color rangoli, right. Tri-color, though primarily indicates the National Flag, well, it can also be substituted by using three different colors.

Flower with flowers rangoli design

Flower with flowers rangolicraftsnbakes

Flower with flowers rangoli design

Flower designs can never go out of trend. You can create a flower design with flowers to bring a twist to the rangoli design.

Twin peacock rangoli design

Twin peacock rangoli designprakriti_art_gallery

Twin peacock rangoli designmuskan__srivastava

Significant elements like peacock and flowers can be modified in whichever way you wish to. How about creating twin peacock rangoli design this festive season?

Floral swirls rangoli design

Floral swirls rangoli designradiantrangoli

Floral swirls rangoli designenchantedradha

Another great example of floral rangoli design is this floral swirls rangoli design with flower strings. This floral rangoli design lets you create complex shapes and patterns and modify them as per your wish or requirement.

Easy rangoli design for festival

Easy rangoli design for festival

Easy rangoli design for festivalradiantrangoli

Have a look at some of these easy rangoli designs that you can sport with ease anytime.

Rosey Rangoli Design

Rosey rangoli designart_zipped

Roses are not just a symbol of love, but can also be incorporated into modern rangoli designs.

Tulsi Rangoli Design

Tulsi rangoli designradiantrangoli

Tulsi rangoli design

This is a great puja rangoli design. The pattern depicts a Tulsi plant which is sacred and would be perfect for the area near the mandap.

Centre Stage Floral Rangoli Design

Centre stage floral rangoli designradiantrangoli

Centre stage floral rangoli designdecorbykrishna

Centre stage rangoli designs are made usually at the entrance of the venue for welcoming guests. Centre stage rangoli designs can be made either in floral rangoli or powder rangoli.

Floral Mandala Rangoli Design

Floral mandala rangoli design

Floral mandala rangoli designpvpsitadda

A blend of tradition and modernity, floral mandala rangoli designs never go out of trend. Create a floral mandala rangoli design and be prepared to make it make all eyes turn. Place diyas around this rangoli design to give it a traditional enchanting look.

Asymmetric Rangoli Design

Asymmetric rangoli designcmaz.creations

Asymmetric rangoli design

Usually rangoli designs are thought to be circular or of other geometric shapes. But in recent times rangoli designs can be of anything and everything. Trying some asymmetric rangoli designs would be a great idea.

Traditional Floral Rangoli Design

Traditional floral rangoli designradiantrangoli

Traditional floral rangoli design

Rangoli designs are a traditional affair. Floral rangoli designs narrate the essence of traditionality in its truest sense.

Dual toned rangoli design

Dual toned rangoli design

Dual toned rangoli design

With geometric shapes and patterns, you can go for a variety of combinations of spectacular dual-toned rangoli designs. These dual-toned rangoli designs are minimalistic and has a soothing effect.

Happy Birthday Rangoli Design

Happy Birthday Rangoli Designartbysangeeta

Now, this is something you would have never thought of. A Birthday wish in a rangoli design, is definitely unique!

Mesh Rangoli Design

Mesh rangoli designkolamaavu_kanmani


Footprints of Lakshmi Rangoli Designs

Footprints of Lakshmi Rangoli Design

Footprints of Lakshmi Rangoli Designartbysangeeta

Happy New Year Rangoli Design

Happy New Year Rangoli Design

Happy New Year Rangoli Design

Jai Jagannath Rangoli Design

Jai Jagannath Rangoli Design

Jai Jagannath Rangoli Design

Mayurpankh Rangoli Design

Mayurpankh Rangoli Design

Mayurpankh Rangoli Design

Avengers Rangoli Design

Avengers Rangoli Design

Avengers Rangoli Design

Shivlinga Rangoli Design

Shivlinga Rangoli Design

Swastik Rangoli Design

Swastik Rangoli Design

Swastik Rangoli Design

Butterfly Rangoli Design

Butterfly Rangoli Designkarthigaravindren

Butterfly Rangoli Designfun_with_rangoli

Organic Rangoli Design

Organic Rangoli Designartist_neelima

Christmas Rangoli Design

Christmas Rangoli Design

Christmas Rangoli Design

Lines & Patterns Rangoli Design

Lines & Patterns Rangoli Design

Lines & Patterns Rangoli Design

Rangoli Design With Cereals

Rangoli Design With Cerealsthelustfullife

Mayurpankh & Ganesha Rangoli Design

Mayurpankh & Ganesha Rangoli Design

Shree Rangoli Design

Shree Rangoli Designrangoli_love

Sankranti Rangoli Design

Sankranti Rangoli Design

Sankranti Rangoli Design_rangoli_love_

Lohri Rangoli Design

Lohri Rangoli Design

Emoji Rangoli Design

Emoji Rangoli Design

Emoji Rangoli Design

Love Emoji Rangoli Design

Love Emoji Rangoli Design

Subh Vivah Rangoli Design

Subh Vivah Rangoli Design

Subh Labh Rangoli Design

Subh Labh Rangoli Design

Dulhan Rangoli Design

Dulhan Rangoli Design

Kalash Rangoli Design

Kalash Rangoli Design

Subh Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Subh Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Tribal Motif Rangoli Design

Tribal Motif Rangoli Design

Goddess Lakshmi Rangoli Design

Goddess Lakshmi Rangoli Design

Vaishno Devi Rangoli Design

Vaishno Devi Rangoli Design

Independence Day Rangoli Design

Independence Day Rangoli Design

Republic Day Rangoli Design

Republic Day Rangoli Design

Dancer Rangoli Design

Dancer Rangoli Design

Minnie Mouse Rangoli Design

Minnie Mouse Rangoli Design

Sunflower Rangoli Design

Sunflower Rangoli Design

Flower vase Rangoli Design

Flower vase Rangoli Design

Flower vase Rangoli Design

Minimalistic Rangoli Design

Minimalistic Rangoli Design

Mahadev Rangoli Design

Mahadev Rangoli Design

Mahadev Rangoli Design

Shiv Parvati Rangoli Design

Shiv Parvati Rangoli Design

Shiv Parvati Rangoli Design



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