13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 1

Bridal jewellery  is something that you cannot afford to delay when you’re getting married. On the other hand,  bridal jewellery  would be consuming the lion’s share of your wedding budget. Also, today most brides-to-be think  bridal jewellery  investments are not worthy enough since they won’t be useful post-wedding. Thus, you need to make wise decisions while shopping your  bridal jewellery

Many brides assume that the more expensive their  bridal jewellery  is, the more stunning their  bridal pictures  would be. Well, this is not at all true because our budget-savvy brides have proved this wrong time and again. Most brides have a fixed budget in mind meaning they would be getting value for their money. Have a look at some excellent ideas to ace budget  bridal jewellery  shopping. 

Take whatever gold you have along with you

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 2Source: Google

In Indian families, gold jewellery is being purchased since time immemorial. From our childhood, we have been witnessing big fat chains and rings on our parents. Well, it is now time to utilize the old stuff that you already have. Every old piece of gold jewellery that you have can be sold or melted to make or buy new jewellery. It is always better to have a couple of decent jewellery than a box full of unwanted ones. 

Keep some gap before buying your entire bridal jewellery set

Slowdown girls, keep some time gap before buying your entire set of  bridal jewellery. This will help you have some extra cash to spend on each item. Mix and match every piece of your  bridal jewellery

Sport non-gold jewellery pieces

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There are numerous popular  bridal jewellery  brands  gaining popularity with their stunning pieces of jewellery, so, don’t feel shy to sport non-gold jewellery from popular labels without burning your pocket. If your chosen design costs a bomb, you can get it made in silver or 14-18k gold which won’t cost must. 

Look for tie-ups behind necklaces

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 4Source: fashion_essentialll

If you really wish to save your money, choose necklaces that have tie-ups so that you can cuttle down on the use of gold thus reducing your cost. You can also choose pearls or beads to reduce the cost. 

Which one first, lehenga or jewellery?

Well, this is an eternal question every bride faces, that is if she should buy the  bridal lehenga  or the  bridal jewellery  first. Your bridal jewellery is something you’ll be wearing time and again so the money invested is way more than your bridal lehenga. So, you should buy the jewellery first and then match your bridal attires to it. 

Keep the blouse neckline in mind

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 5

The  bridal blouse  neckline is one of the important points to keep in mind while planning one’s  bridal jewellery  especially the necklace. Your necklace and blouse neckline has to be in accordance or else you’ll lose the beauty of your outfit along with the elegance of the bridal necklace. 

Improvisation is the latest trend

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Instead of buying all new  bridal jewellery, how about improvising your old ones? For instance, you can ask your jeweller to add pearls or colored beads to your kundan set and you’re all set to rock it. You can also improvise your pendant by getting a 3 or 5 layered pearl string.

One outfit without any jewellery

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 7

Apart from your wedding night, there are other rituals as well like your sangeet or mehendi, for those you can choose to wear ethnic dresses without any neckpiece. A pair of statement earrings along with a bold cuff is enough to help you carry your look. 

Don’t skip heirloom pieces

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 8Source: chhedajewellers

The emotions of your mother’s jewellery is unbeatable. If you wish, you can wear it as it is without any modifications with a matching bridal attire or you can add a modern touch to it by customising it according to your personality. As the saying goes, old is gold, thus don’t be afraid to mix your new jewellery pieces with old ones. They have an old charm giving a touch of elegance to your personality. 

Go for versatile bridal jewellery pieces

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 9Source: chhedajewellers

Buying  bridal jewellery  which you can wear only on occasions like weddings and such is not a wise investment. Rather, you should invest into something versatile which would look the same with all kinds of outfits no matter what the occasion. 

Take bridal jewellery on rent

Today many brides are of the opinion that spending money on  bridal jewellery  is an utter waste mostly because they won’t be wearing it post-wedding. So, for these brides the best option is to rent jewellery which complements her wedding outfit. Though this idea might not be appealing to a lot of brides-to-be, for just once think about the money you’d be saving and can invest in other significant aspects. 

The Theory of Illusion

All that glitters is not gold, as you’ve already heard. Create illusion pieces in a diamond ornament by using gemstones, you can use sapphires instead of yellow diamonds or beads instead of links and chains. Correct placing of gemstones or beads will not only help you get a voluminous look, but will also save a lot of money for your  bridal jewellery  shopping. 

Go For Online Shopping

Online  bridal jewellery  shopping helps you save money along with a lot of variety. Online shopping websites offer you numerous sales and discount offers. Well, there could be one disadvantage, which is, you won’t be able to see your ordered jewellery in advance. Thus before placing an order you need to be very much aware of the return and refund policy of the particular website. 

No Indian wedding is complete without  bridal jewellery as it appears to be the main elements of bridal makeover. Every wedding season, new  bridal jewellery  designs and trends are showcased and hyped among brides-to-be.  

If you’ve already decided your wedding attire, here are some of the latest  bridal jewellery  trends for 2020 which you can opt for 2020 your bridal look. Keeping up with the norm, here are the biggest  bridal jewellery  trends for 2020.

Lotus motif jewellery

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 10Source: lotus_jewellery_store

Symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and beauty, the lotus is an auspicious flower considering Indian weddings. Renowned jewellery designers are using these motifs for gorgeous blooms to create the most beautiful brides. From heavy necklaces to long earrings, the lotus is turning into a symbolic status for 2020. 

Prices starting from-  ₹ 44,751

Shoulder-dust earrings

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 11Source: by.danisimone

Unlike traditional jhumkas and chaandbalis, shoulder-duster earrings evacuate modernity. These flirty and statement earrings are the perfect picks for modern brides. Especially if the brides change into voguish gowns, shoulder-dust earrings would be a great choice. 

Starting from just-  ₹ 2,500

Extraordinary cocktail rings

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 12Source: the_indian_wedding_planner

Statement rings add extra chic to a bride’s bridal look. Getting away from the fad rings till date, brides of 2020 must go for dramatically extraordinary cocktail rings. 

Prices start from just-  ₹ 36,000

Tennis bracelet with a twist

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 13Source: newtwiststore

Diamond linked tennis bracelets have been adorning bridal wrists for the longest time. Not just weddings, these timeless pieces are perfect for every occasion be it work or casual outings. However, the upcoming wedding season is ready to witness and adapt to experimental designs. Either swap the diamonds with rubies or sway away from the signature squares with hearts. The wreath of diamonds will definitely be in demand with the new brides. 

Starting from-  ₹ 7,599

Statement handcuffs

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 14Source: jewlee_designer_jewels

2020 be the year when the bridal wrists receive their due attention. Handcuffs have made a major comeback in recent times. Decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, handcuffs in geometric or floral patterns are highly in demand today. 

Prices start from just-  ₹ 5,900

Extravagant collar chokers

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 15Source: zepanache

Wide collar chokers are sure to rule the market in 2020 as well. From celebrity brides to other real brides have often chosen the heaviest haars and extravagant collar chokers to deck themselves up skipping minimalistic  bridal jewellery on their D-day. 

Starting from-  ₹ 37,500

Bridal Studs

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 16Source: whitejasmineaccessories

Studs remain to be the most sophisticated accessory since the longest time. 2020 is the year that brides need to get their hands on big and bold stud designs making them an unnoticeable statement. 

Starting from-  ₹ 2,600

Temple Jewellery

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 17

Undoubtedly, South Indian temple jewellery is to die for, due to its eye-catching and one of a kind design. South Indian brides are a huge fan of temple bridal jewellery in India. Usually made of gold, it looks chunky with red and other precious stones being attached to it. 

Prices start from just-  ₹ 35,599

Oversized Naths

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 18Source: wedabout

With the passage of time, the fashion of wearing naths have been diminishing gradually among modern day brides. However, this trend returned with a bang after Sonam Kapoor sported an oversized nath on her wedding day. Although a huge variety of naths are available in the market, big naths made with gold and kundan are making a comeback this wedding season. However, keep in mind your face shape and size before deciding on your bridal nath. 

Starting range-  ₹ 25,822

Floral bridal jewellery

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 19Source: floralbridaljewellery

The best option for your mehendi, dance and cocktail party would be incorporating floral bridal jewellery making your bridal look beautiful and refreshing. Match your floral jewellery with your bridal dress and rock your wedding. 

Starting from just-  ₹ 799

Kundan Mathapatti

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 20Source: wed.book

Mathapatti has become a trend among modern brides as they are extremely lightweight and also look eye-catching. Kundan mathapatti can be embellished with pearls and stones, single sides or even double-sided. There are ample designs available to match your neckpiece. 

Starting from just-  ₹ 2,450

Sabyasachi inspired choker

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 21Source: bridezilladreamsblog


Another upcoming trend of 2020 and absolute love for modern brides, Sabyasachi inspired chokers are too inspiring and has gained much attention to top the list of must-haves. Sabyasachi  bridal jewellery  is perfect for modern to traditional as well as from classic to contemporary bridal attires. 

Prices start from just-  ₹ 45,999

Double-stranded necklaces

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 22Source: fashion_essentialll

Double-stranded pearl necklaces have been popularised by the Nizams of Hyderabad due to their amazing pearls. When you’re wearing one of these double-stranded necklaces, you don’t need to be worried to become the center of attraction. Focus on the perfect signature pieces. 

Prices start from just-  ₹ 36,599

Maang Tika & Passas

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 23Source: the_indian_wedding_planner

Maang tika was initially worn by brides with a centre parting on the head. Considered a traditional  bridal jewellery  piece, a maang tika is enough to transform your look into no less than a princess. If you have a broader forehead go for a heavier maang tika while a lighter maang tika goes well with a smaller narrower forehead. 

Prices starting from-  ₹ 800

Intricate Payals 

13 Easy Checks on Budget Bridal Jewellery Shopping 24Source: seller_zone00

Payals are back in fashion and albeit they’re indirectly visible from under the marriage outfit, brides are choosing some really pretty and complex Payals for his or her big day. If nothing else, they add a particular charm thereto bridal photoshoot. 

Starting from just-  ₹ 1,199

Today, most brides wish to buy jewellery which can be used in multiple ways, also that is in fashion. Thus, it is advisable to choose a necklace or an earring that can easily be substituted as a maang tika. Just play smart while choosing the bridal maang tika design!

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