Agomoni Story: An Eloquent Tale of Durga as Our Daughter.

Durga Puja 2019

‘Agomoni’, the name itself suggests advent. The advent of Parvati to her home in rural Bengal not as a Goddess but as a daughter, as the mythology goes. Well, Agomoni also sows the seeds of the yearly Autumnal festival of Durga Puja in the hearts of every Bengali scattered through different parts of the world. 

While the entire city is undergoing a makeover with roughly a few days in hand for the city’s most awaited festival , we, the team of CamYogi barged on the streets ofKumortulito capture the very presence of Durga in her child avatar. 

The theme of ourAgomonistory was to capture how a little girl brings the essence of joy and positivity in the lives of the common people of the city

Agomoni Story: An Eloquent Tale of Durga as Our Daughter. 1

Our little Durga turns mischievous and is completely in a playful mood. Trying to forge an analogy between Goddess Parvati playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with the inhabitants of the earth.

Agomoni Gaan

While strolling down the streets, here we come across our little Durga admiring herself in the mirror, trying to bring down a similarity between Goddess Parvati admiring herself before she leaves for her natal home in the streets of Bengal.

Durga Story

While the craftsmen of Kumortuli have indulged in idol making, Goddess Parvati disguised as a little girl is seen witnessing her idol being created. The craftsman, on the other hand, remains completely unaware of the presence of the Goddess in the human form beside him.Mahalaya Image

Tired of her walk through thegalisofKumortuli,through themandaps,here we find our Durga taking a moment’s rest before she proceeds onto her journey further.Durga Puja 2019

An uncanny resemblance of Durga guarding the idol and coming across as Goddess Parvati along with her four children- Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik, and Ganesh.

Subho mahalaya Images 

As we can see here, ourChhoto Umarunning down the streets ofKumortuliin a funfilled mood. Her inborn innocence and subtlety is seen to overpower the character of Goddess Parvati portrayed by her. 

Durga in human form

The calm and composed face of Uma is captured while she holds on to give us a chance to capture her subtle look.

Tejo mahalaya

After the entire episode, we get to know that the little girl was actually the arrival of Goddess Durga. And what role she has to play in the lives of the common people. Much significant to the fact as Durga Puja brings a sense of happinessand new beginnings in our lives.

bijoya Dosomi

As we often dress up our children, our daughters, in this picture we have tried to capture the two women dressing up our little Uma as their own daughter. One of them is seen applyingAltaon her feet while the other lady caresses her hair. As the festivities are about to begin and hypothetically, Maa Durga is getting ready for her yearly trip from her natal home, here on Earth we are dressing up our daughters to face their daily lives. 

Happy Vijaya Dashami Images 

Here our team has tried to capture the moment of Dashami. Though it usually comes across as a moment of detachment, yet the feeling does not hit us until we realize that Maa Durga has finally left for her home creating the usual void in our lives.

Vijayaya Dashami Images

‘Vijaya’resembles triumph. The triumph of Goddess Durga overMahisasura. The triumph of good over evil.Vijayais celebrated on the last day i.e the 10th day orDashami. In Bengal, women greet each other withsidoor, the ritual is known asSidoor Khela.Here, according to our theme, we have captured two women wishing luck and prosperity by applyingsindoorto each other. The analogy here can be traced as Maa Durga wishing each of her mortal daughters with strength, prosperity and long life.

This was by far ourAgomonistory with a new concept.  You can the full story here.

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