12 Things You Must Know For Your Pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding shoot props

A pre wedding photoshoot is one of the most beautiful memories that will mark the beginning of your togetherness…

If you think it is easy to do all of this together, then you are wrong. There are so many aspects you need to consider before jumping into the socks of excitement!

Don’t believe? Look at the list below!

Never forget to check with your Pre wedding photographerpre wedding photoshoot

You cannot say ‘later’ in this matter. You have your photographer booked For pre wedding photoshoot at least 1 month prior to your shoot day.

There are many things that will be connected with the photographer, like your budget. You need to find someone who has the experience, you like their previous work or not and if they are available or not.

Hence, your first priority should be finding a good photographer for a pre wedding photoshoot.

Discuss the concept and theme before beginning the pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photography concept

It is every to-be bride’s nature to check the latest and trending theme. However, you need to be sure whether it is feasible or not.

This is when you again need to discuss with the photographer who will give you proper guidance in what you should do and what you should select.

Check out the venues for pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre wedding photoshoot

For a beautiful venue, you really don’t need to travel to other states of the country and have an outdoor shoot. Rather, you can find some beautiful places in your own city. Choose places that are close to your heart and adds more meaning to your relationship.

Decide on the attires for pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photography

Choosing the right attire is very important. It should be complimenting and the color should be vibrant for the concept or shoot.

You can take some suggestions from your photographer who will give you a clear idea about what to be done.

Don’t buy expensive clothes for your pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photoshoot

Let’s think it out. Is there any reason to buy expensive clothes that you will wear only for a day? I guess not (especially if you have budget constraints). However, there is one way out where you can get good clothes of your choice, clothes rent sites or stores.

You can find designer clothes which they will fit for you and can wear them for your shoot!

Think about the props to use for your pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photoshoot

You need to use some good props for sure. The props should complement the concept and the picture of your pre wedding photoshoot.

Discuss with your photographer that what props you want to use and whether you will get them or your photographer will get it for you.

It is better if you discuss it earlier with your photographer.

Be comfortable with your photographer

pre wedding photoshoot

You need to develop a comfort zone with your photographer. It is important for you to have a discussion with your photographer and talk about concerns and queries. It is only then they will be able to get the best of your pre wedding photoshoot.

Never instruct your partner too much

pre wedding photoshoot

You will always notice that one partner is better than the other. Out of excitement, one may end up directing the other person strictly and this can cause some issues.

Rather, try to help each other in clicking some beautiful pictures together.

Take someone with you to help on your pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photoshoot

Will you be able to manage everything together? Makeup, hair, dress and so many things? No. You need to have a person by your side who will help you to get this done easily.

It is only then that you will be able to concentrate on clicking some best pre wedding photoshoot.

Don’t over pose for your pre wedding photoshoot!

pre wedding photoshoot

Please don’t. Too much pout and pose can easily destroy the beauty and romance of the picture. Keep it candid and beautiful.

Amazing Chemistry= Amazing pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photoshoot

This is important. Don’t feel the camera shy and not live up to the potential. Relax and let your chemistry do the magic. This will be best for you.

Engage more people for the best pre wedding photoshoot

pre wedding photoshoot

It is important to engage more people in the shoot. With family and friends, the shoot will look more interesting and dun. This is will be a beautiful memory for all.

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