12 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Wedding Photographer

professional wedding photographers

When it comes to your wedding no amount of preparation seems enough. So, you need some professional wedding photographers to make your day special. You find yourself sitting at the centroid of some huge cyclone and it looks like almost everything is calling for your attention. But, out of all, the most important is planning and preparing for your best wedding photographs. What makes it even more crucial, is that the wedding photographs happen for once and all.

And the captured moments represent the most precious and pious moments of yours that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. It is only natural for you to expect them to be the best version of yours. Of course, as a to-be-wed couple, you have finalized, paid a huge sum and then hired the professional wedding photographers, and they are going to do their best. However, a little help and preparation from the couple’s side can really do wonders to the captured moments.

1. Chalk Out the Rituals:

With such cultural diversity and rich customs, it would be better to share your own religious rituals and customs personally with your wedding photographers. Otherwise, it might leave him/her puzzled and confused. Discussing it would help the photographer structure the whole thing in the best creative way possible and prevent any important rites from missing in the pictures.

2. Be Ready With Props and Equipment:

It could be anything, from flowers to curtains, to furniture or ladders, that your wedding photographers might need in order to make the background vibrant and colorful, to capture the photograph from a certain angle or in a particular amount of light. Discuss it in detail with your hired person and make a list and arrangements beforehand to save time and skip the chaos.

3. Pre-work Your Wardrobe:

When the photo-session day arrives, time is always running out. Don’t waste it on juggling with your dresses and jewelry-matching. Have your close friends around and try your lehengas, saris or any other wedding outfits in advance. Use their suggestions while matching your jewelry, dress, and make-up and deciding other things. After all, your loved ones know what suits best on you!

4. Do Some Research:

Read online photo-shoot reviews of newly wedded couples. The homework would provide you with plenty of suggestions on various areas and give you a realistic idea of what works and what doesn’t work in reality. You could also find out about so many venues, or that what hour would be best for the photo-shoot as far as natural light is considered.

5.Break the Ice with the Photographer:

No matter how professional and experienced he/she is, your photographer also needs some warm welcome and ice-breaking. Why not have a light funny chit-chat with him, with some crispy snacks on the side. This would make him feel more homely and drive his nervousness, if at all. It is important for you to come along well with him and become friendly. The tuning would clearly beautify your wedding pictures.

6. Reveal the Poser in You:

The D-day can be stressing with too many things going around. Often, the couples feel anxious and lose the glow and confidence. To counter this, practice your poses with your photographer. Use your engagement day to bond with your hired professional and practice as many poses as you wish to. This would be a brilliant drill for both. You would pat your own back later for taking this step.

7. Plan the Group Shots:

Wedding means a long trail of relatives, friends, colleagues and what not. The truth is, not everybody is camera-friendly. People become shy and either refuse to get into the frame or reluctantly stand with a cold nervous face. And you clearly don’t want that. The photographer too wouldn’t enjoy clicking dull faces. But, this won’t change overnight. Plan some conversations in advance, especially with the camera-shy elders or friends. Practice the group-clicks in a casual way, just to make them easy.

8. If Selfie is the North Pole, Photo-shoot is South Pole:

You might have a little bias for your favorite phone camera and at a point see no flaw in your selfies. Please, do not mistake the selfies to be as good as the professional photos. The quality of pixels of both differs in great measure. Moreover, taking a selfie doesn’t allow the camera sufficient distance from your face, resulting in high convergence on you. It would hamper your look totally and distort the photograph badly. A professional photo-shoot gets rid of all these technical flaws and produces high-quality pictures.

9. Plan Around the Venue:

Pre-decide your venue and visit it with your cameraman. Rehearsing at the original location is a very good idea actually. It helps in deciding on the theme of your wedding pictures, finding, exploring and experimenting with new corners and places at the venue and using them according to your imaginations. Visiting the venue would also allow you and your wedding photographers to come up with the best lighting hours in that particular location, various background options, and natural surroundings to give your wedding photographs a fresh feel.

10. Picking the Album Design:

Frankly, ask your photographer and he can provide you a great range of album designs to choose from. Discussing your preference would help him provide you with the album design options that would blend best with your personality. You may opt for something quirky, traditional, sober or anything that is conventional yet fun, depending on what suits and best represents your mood as a couple. A friendly and open chat with the photographer would make things really easy on both of you.

11. Extra Time is Always a Bliss:

Wedding day is fun, no doubt about it. But, given that so many events are happening, there is always a chance that something or the other might not go exactly as you planned. Some stressful surprises may come up and consume your attention. A gentle reminder for the couples is that time is the currency on your D-day. Use it wisely and always keep some extra hours handy. So, even if a small err happens, you don’t find yourself wrestling for every couple of minutes and compromise on the wedding photo-session.

12. Have Fun:

Yes, it’s your wedding and you have a lot to take care of. But, that shouldn’t prevent you from chilling out and having fun. After all, it’s your day and everybody present around you is celebrating for your happiness. It’s only fair if you would grab your share of delightful moments too. Have some arrangement where you could sit peacefully, away from the crowd and just relax for a while. Drink fluids and eat small chunks of healthy snacks to keep you fresh and energetic. Above all, enjoy your day because it’s only for once in a lifetime.

When you would feel great from within, your photos would come out great too. By practicing these simple little suggestions, make the best use of your wedding photographers and cherish the moments forever, in the most beautiful way.

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