7 Big No-Nos for your Wedding Photography!

7 Big No-Nos for your Wedding Photography! 1

Indian Wedding Photos not to Take!

A wedding is once in a lifetime event. A wedding album is a record of that for eternity. An Indian wedding is a tale of love, emotions, festivity, family, fun, and celebrations. An Indian Wedding album is one that mirrors it all for generations to come.

There is so much written about Indian wedding photography. What pictures to capture, the themes that can be used, tips to take great wedding pictures and so on. There are even posts on groom photography, bride photography and all sundry accessories that go with the wedding.

Then there is so much written about destination wedding photography, candid wedding photography so on and so forth. But, there is hardly anything written about what photographs not to take.

1. An Unfortunate Photo

unfortunate click

Picture Credit -:Pixbricks

I think it is important to spend some time on this topic. If we have do’s and dont’s about everything, then why not wedding photography? It’s a point to ponder, no!?

I am reminded of a particular photograph from my cousin’s wedding album. It was her ‘haldi’ function. In the picture, one aunty from the neighbourhood is seen putting kumkum to my cousin, the bride. The backdrop was perfect, the bride looked happy, there were a lot of vibrant colours too. The only catch in the picture is that the aunty’s ‘pallu’ fell at the exact moment the picture was taken! Unfortunately, it got captured. Since that’s the only pic of the lady, it was pasted in the album. The album, in this case, is one of that old ‘ stick the photos with gum type. There it sits now forever.

Whenever we see that aunty, even to this day, we are reminded of that picture. It’s quite embarrassing.

Of course, photography has changed a lot since then, but no harm if we are careful even now.

This post is all about such pictures that SHOULD NOT be part of your wedding photography.

2.The Eating Photos

wedding eating photos

Picture Credit-: Pixbricks

This is one set of photos that are super irritating. I do not know if it is a practice in western weddings, but in Indian weddings a lot of photographers still do it. They take pictures of guests while eating. They even take video footage of it.

I personally feel it’s quite rude. Putting someone on camera when they are eating is just not done. First, your guest feels uncomfortable. Second, the pictures really don’t turn up that great. I mean how cute can a person look with unfinished food in the mouth and greasy plates to hold? I bet even Aishwarya Rai will not look the beauty she is in this setting.

Then the photographers insist on taking pictures of the family eating together, after the wedding. It will be nice to restrict this photography until the food is served. Indian weddings are super long, naturally, the couple and the immediate family is tired and hungry. There is no fun having such pictures as part of your wedding photography.

3. Bad Couple Poses

Couples would want to do things creatively for a couple portrait photography. It is nice to have a unique set of photos of couples. But sometimes a few creative ideas can backfire.

You might think it is super creative and naughty to pose with your partner in a way but the future generation might not see it just like that. After all, after a point, the wedding album is really not for you.

Couples should strictly avoid photos in any seemingly erotic poses. Even pictures that can give a faint idea in that direction is a big No.

4. Photo Bombed Pictures

Photobombing adds fun. It might be a welcome break too in the long sessions of rituals, meeting people, not to forget smiling at them (even if you don’t feel like it) and the photo sessions. But more than the measure, photobombed pictures can add up to be a pain.

There are really rare pictures of cure photo bombed couple shoots. Most of them look like one of the subjects are either an alien or a zombie with an extra leg or hand shooting out.

5. Too Much Bright Light

If you are going for a wee hour wedding or a late-night wedding, lighting can be a critical element for your wedding photos. Too much light can kill a photograph. Just be sure that the light is not so overpowering that your photo seems like a scene from ‘God Calling’.

6. Head-less Photos

If you have seen the Harry Potter series, you would know of nearly headless Nick, a really nice ghost of a knight whose head is almost cut. In the movie, he is a ghost, so something like this goes well. It, in fact, adds up to his character. In real life, it can’t be the same.

Head-less photos of anybody during an Indian wedding are a waste of time and energy. I do not mean to say that the photographers do it out of intention. All I am saying is such photos should not be part of your wedding photos, either by intention or by accident.

7. Body Part Display

You know a camera sees it all! In the full glory of things present in front of it. What is worse, is it captures it all too. Yes, there is editing to do later on. But what it editing doesn’t cover it all. Gosh! That would be a nightmare.

I once saw a picture of the bride in all her resplendent bridal attire sitting and doing something in front of a Kalash. She is seen sitting with her legs in the typical upturned V position. So her legs are like an inverted V. Unfortunately for the bride, the lehnga seems to have gone behind her and bit of her thighs are shown. You can imagine the shock of the bride when she sees it.

A wedding photo album is a treasured memory for everyone. Take care of these small little details in your Wedding Photography and save it from becoming a horror story.

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