7 Popular Indian Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

Indian Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas, my search words in Google. The results, a staggering 15,50,000 in 0.50 seconds. Whoa! That’s a huge number of ideas to actually see and process. But, what really captures my attention is the sheer number of results!

What a pre-wedding photoshoot is? Honestly, going by the words, I feel it is a photoshoot done on the day the couple gets engaged. Engagement happens much before the wedding. So, it has to be the pre-wedding photoshoot. Simple isn’t it?!

Not really, the trends in Indian wedding photography have changed so much. There is a specific pre-wedding shoot after the engagement and before the actual wedding! There are also so many themes for it. Let’s look at a few popular ones, just for the record.

Engagement Ring themed Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Engagement ring pre-wedding photoshoot idea

The engagement ring is probably the very first sign of a couple if you dismiss the joy of finding a partner on the faces of the couple. Oh yeah, the constant talking on the phone is another sign that someone is engaged. So naturally, the all-powerful engagement ring can itself be a theme for the pre-wedding shoot.

How to pose with it? That’s left to your imagination. You can show your fiancé through the ring, both of you can hold the ring together or you can just get a close-up photo of your hands with the ring. There is no end to the possibilities.

Nature Scapes for Pre-wedding Photoshoot

 Nature Scape pre wedding shoot

Another very popular theme is nature as the backdrop of the entire pre-wedding shoot. India has abundant places where nature is in its full glory. Plus there is a whole variety available too. From mountains, plateaus, forests, beaches, waterfalls to lakes, the list is endless.

Choosing a location can also be guided by the favorite holiday destinations of the couple within India or plain and simple accessibility. One advantage with the nature-based pre-wedding shoot is you really don’t have to spend much on the backdrop, after all, its God’s creation!

“Save the Date” themed pre-wedding photoshoot

Save the date pre wedding shoot

Many couples use the pre-wedding shoot to share the date of the wedding in creative ways. These pictures also act like cute reminders to save the date for the invitees. Couples can act coy or funky or outright naughty with photography based on this theme. It leaves ample room for creative posing.

Classic and Elegant themed pre-wedding photoshoot

Classic & Elegant pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

India is also home to some great forts, palaces and extremely rich looking 5-star hotels. These are some really lavish and popular locations for your pre-wedding shoot if you want to go all classy and elegant. You can sport regal looking Indian wear or classic western outfits.

Choosing the right outfit becomes really key to this theme of a pre-wedding photo shoot. Not just that, pairing the outfit with your partner in a manner that the style quotient is maintained is important too.

Retro Styled Pre-wedding Photoshoot

 Retro Style pre wedding shoot

I guess the ’70s produced the most iconic styles in fashion in India. Bollywood, Tollywood or any other wood you belong will provide you with enough samples to choose from. The high bun, the dangly jewelry, the side flowers and so many more accessories empowered the women of that time to flaunt their style.

Men weren’t left behind too! Bell bottoms, huge sunglasses, and big collared checks shirts set the tone for their style. You can go all retro of just pick some style elements. You can also use some vintage cars or vehicles that go with your theme. A cycle according to me one must have in this theme for a few couple shots.

Fun and Funky Pre-wedding Photoshoot

funkey pre wedding shoot,fun pre wedding shoot,funkey couple,fun couple

Picture Credit-: pre_wedding_photoshot

Indian weddings are rich, lavish, splendid and ritual driven. There is fun but in a classy way. The pre-wedding shoot, on the other hand, can be outright fun and sometimes funky too. Have you seen couples sporting those red blingy horns on the head with props that say ‘she’s mine (in the boy’s hands) and he’s lucky (in the girl’s hands)?

Or the ones that say ‘My ATM or My Cook’. These are typical examples of fun themes. There are a lot more options too as you are limited only by your imagination in this theme.

Cityscape for Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Cityscape pre wedding shoot

I guess this is one of the latest entries in the pre-wedding shoot themes. Couples waltzing in a busy traffic street or posing under a traffic light or proposing marriage on a footpath are just a few examples. All this while the city around them goes about their work unmindful of the exhibition of young love!

The contrast itself makes a story of each picture. There is something very cinematic about this theme. You can try this theme, provided you are not too shy to show your love for your partner in public. No matter which theme you choose or create, the most important factor is to be yourself.

Bask in the warmth of the newfound relationship and do not hesitate to show it. The photographer can do a brilliant job of your pre-wedding shoot only if you are brilliant in being utterly yourself in front of the camera. You see, the camera cannot lie!

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