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A Visual Treat- Rituals Of A Marathi Wedding

Among all the regional weddings in India, Marathi Wedding is ones that are filled with simple and vibrant rituals. There is no such ritual which can be termed as unnecessary or irrelevant. All the rituals have particular spiritual significance and exhibit the core values of the Maharashtrian culture.     Most of the wedding ceremonies are […]

bridal photography

Bengali Weddings- The Picturesque Rituals

Weddings are special and Indian Bengali Weddings are just a step better. Every religion has its own set of rituals for every occasion. This diversity is what makes our country the best blend of tradition and culture.     Weddings in every region and community differ, yet their rituals and traditions remain common. Bengali weddings […]

10 Latest Trends for You to Choose on Your Wedding

10 Latest Bridal Trends for You to Choose on Your Wedding

Indian Weddings are all about glamour and glitz. Ladies, choose your latest bridal trends beforehand because you don’t want things to mess up at the last moment, right? Amidst all plannings, don’t end up screwing your own best wedding attire. That is the major concern for any woman and has to be perfect!  latest bridal trends […]

1960s to 2018 – The Evolution of Indian Wedding photography of Brides.

1960s to 2018 – The Evolution of Indian Wedding Photography of Brides

Her wedding date was fixed and there was an overwhelming glee on her face. She went to her parent’s room and took out their wedding album… The saree, jewelry, the food, and so many people, all looks like exactly what she desired for her wedding… except 1 thing. The photography!Just like the wedding songs that […]


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